Wanted: His Name Was Holy Ghost (Gianni Garko)

Does anbody happen to have a DVD-R copy of the spanish DVD with english fansubs perhaps or at least a nice english friendly widescreen version? I´ve been looking all over the place but i just can´t find a decent version accept a horrible pan & scan VHS release from the stone age. Being a Garko fan this is on my top priority list for quite some time now.

I´ll gladly trade ya of course. Just take at a look at my DVD profiler and let me know what ya want. I´ll gladly make you a copy of whatever title you want for your effort. :wink:

I’ve pm’d ya. I know I’ve a copy of a widescreen English version.
As I got it from another forumite recently, it wouild be polite to let him offer first. :wink:

I’ve checked the difference. First my ol’ vid copy with subs. Both English language dub.

… and more bird (not the dove)…

What is the running time of your widescreen copy Reverend ?

1:29:48 …which is a few seconds shorter than the fullscreen - but then again it doesn’t include the seconds at the beginning of fullscreen which just shows the Titanus logo.

Thanks for that Sir, just checking it was the same running time as my copy :wink: .

Yep! Somethings are always worth a regular check - particularly testicles and spaghetti westerns.