WANTED: Help me rediscover a Western I watched as a kid!

Every now again I remember a movie I thoroughly enjoyed when I was a kid but internet searches have remained fruitless (probably because my memories of it are so sketchy and not specific enough!). Each time I search I do find one or two films that I think might possibly be the one I’m looking for but alas, they never are. Today I searched again and found this site and I thought to myself, where better to ask if anyone knows what it is?

It’ll be from the 70s or maybe 60s as I would’ve seen it late 70s or possibly early 80s on TV in the UK so I’m sure it has to be well known, especially as I also remember it looked good, as in not cheap. I remember the dwarf (maybe he was just really short rather than a true dwarf) and he ended up being kind of a sidekick to the man I remember as the stranger/hero type, even though I’m not sure he was with him to begin with. I’m pretty sure the stranger was a musician (possibly even mariachi type because a I remember him in black, possibly sequinned, but then again I might just be merging films here as well) because I’m almost certain he had a gun hidden in an instrument case and I also remember the dwarf jumping off a wall and bouncing off a drum at some point, which was very funny, at least it was to me then. I’m vaguely thinking that possibly the dwarf played the drum and used that to sort of join up with the stranger, sigh, as you can see, very sketchy memories of a kid! They may not even be the main part of the movie, possibly only a small part, but they’re the ones I remember.

I wish I remembered more, but that’s about all I’ve got. I know I didn’t imagine it as I watched it with my babysitter, that I remember for sure, although I can’t claim the details I’m remembering about the film itself are 100% correct. Anyway, maybe someone out there knows? Any help to lay this one to rest would be mighty appreciated!

Could be a Sabata with a black clad Lee Van Cleef.
Return of Sabata[/url] with a drum playing sidekick, circus midgets and acrobats is likely:

The first Sabata has a character called Banjo who is armed with a …

Thanks for those suggestions, I’ll check them out and see!

High plains drifter had a midget sidekick but no musicians. I think the Sabata films are a good bet.