Wanted: Code Red's Vengeance

Hello all! Just like the subject says, I’d like a line on a copy of Vengeance! If anyone has one they would be willing to sell, drop me a PM!

Wait until Code Red’s webstore comes back online, and buy it from them :o

It went offline? I thought they were just out of stock?

No, he has a strange business model. He takes product out of his store and lists things as sold out when hes too busy to handle orders.

I doubt they’ve sold out of Vengeance since it didn’t come out all that long ago, and Westerns aren’t very popular. Itll take ages for him to sell 1000 even.

Itll come back into his webstore eventually. He is a very annoying man :wink:

::slight_smile: sounds just great…

His store isn’t fully up yet but what is there currently (I think he might have updated today?) does include Vengeance. :stuck_out_tongue: