Wanted: Brazilian DVDs

(The Man With a Name) #1

If anybody has any Brazilian releases, pm me

(Jonny Powers) #2

Same here. If someone knows where I could import them, that would be cool too. I don’t have the info of the one Amazon seller that used to put them on the store either; if his contact info is also available I would send him a message.

(Novecento) #3

I would go with fnac.com.br for an official store.Failing that, mercadolivre.com.br which is basically e-bay.

(Jonny Powers) #4

I tried Mercado livre but they require Brazilian post code formatting for addresses :confused: will see about giving fnac a shot

(The Man With a Name) #5

Yeah, I tried it and they definitely require a Brazilian address. Such a shame since they had more than just cheap DVDs that I wanted!