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Aaaam, understood. So you took the last three alternative titles that I put on my top 20 and put them into my alternative list, right?

Thanks for your job! It’s still a pretty good list, I think :smiley::smiley::smiley:

Fuck, I see now that I misunderstood the titles of some films…I hope you apologize me, but I’m not familiarized with the English title. I know them in Italian and Spanish and in some cases I guessed the title based on their original title, like Tempo di massacro (Time of killing instead of Massacre Time) or Per 100,000 dollari ti ammazzo ($100,000 for a Killing instead of Vengeance is mine).

These six, because they are Top 20 films for you but don’t appear on the Official Top 20 list:

10,000 Dollars for a Massacre
The Hellbenders
The ugly ones
Night of the serpent
Cut-throats nine

The three that you cut from the second list are the ones I like the most: 6th, 10th and 4th respectively in my not very recent Alternative Top 20! haha

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JC is correct.

But this is your list Carlos so let me know if you want to change anything. If not I’ll add it to the Alternative Top 20 database so it will contribute to that.

That was my old Top 20. My revised version (+ another preferred 30 SWs) follow :

1 For A Few Dollars More (Sergio Leone)
2 Once Upon A Time In The West (Sergio Leone)
3 A Fistful Of Dollars (Sergio Leone)
4 The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (Sergio Leone)
5 My Name Is Nobody (Tonino Valerii)
6 The Big Gundown (Sergio Sollima)
7 Django Kill If You Live Shoot (Giulio Questi)
8 Cemetery Without Crosses (Robert Hossein)
9 Dead Men Ride/At The End Of The Rainbow/Anda Muchacho Spara (Aldo Florio)
10 Requiem For A Gringo/Duel In Eclipse (Eugenio Martín, José Luis Merino)
11 Johnny Juma (Romolo Guerrieri)
12 Kill The Wicked/ God Does Not Pay On Saturday (Tanio Boccia)
13 The Big Silence/The Great Silence (Sergio Corbuccio)
14 Death Rides A Horse (Giulio Petroni)
15 Day Of Anger (Tonino Valerii)
16 The Grand Duel (Giancarlo Santi)
17 Sabata (Gianfranco Parolini)
18 Viva Django / Django, Prepare a Coffin (Ferdinando Baldi)
19 The Forgotten Pistolero/Gunman Of Ave Maria (Ferdinando Baldi)
20 Ramon The Mexican (Maurizio Pradeaux)

New entries are Johnny Yuma and Kill The Wicked which I in just over a month have watched 4-5 times. Kill The Wicked is specially favored by the strong moody music by Angelo Lavagnino. I rate these two SWs as strong 7/10.

21 Django (Sergio Corbucci)
22 The Return Of Ringo (Duccio Tessari)
23 My Name Is Pecos (Maurizio Lucidi)
24 Johnny Hamlet/The Wild And The Dirty (Enzo G. Castellari)
25 Death Sentence (Mario Lanfranchi)
26 The Stranger Returns/A Man, A Horse, A Gun (Luigi Vanzi)
27 No Room To Die/Hanging For Django/A Noose For Django (Sergio Garrone)
28 Requiescant/Kill And Pray (Carlo Lizzani)
29 A Stranger In Town/A Dollar Between The Teeth (Luigi Vanzi)
30 One After Another (Nick Nostro)
31 Black Jack (Gianfranco Baldanello)
32 Blood At Sundown/One Thousand Dollars on the Black (Alberto Cardone)
33 A Hole In The ForeHead/ A Hole Between The Eyes (Giuseppe Vari)
34 Garringo (Rafael Romero Marchent)
35 A Gun For 100 Graves/Pistol For A Hundred Coffins (Umberto Lenzi)
36 The Unholy Four/Chuck Moll (Enzo Barboni)
37 Long Days Of Vengeance (Florestano Vancini )
38 A Pistol For Ringo (Duccio Tessari)
39 Mannaja/A Man Called Blade (Sergio Martino)
40 Face To Face (Sergio Sollima)
41 Taste Of Killing/Lanky Fellow (Tonino Valerii)
42 Django The Bastard/The Stranger’s Gundown (Sergio Garrone)
43 May God Forgive You … But I Won’t (Vincenzo Musolino)
44 Yankee (Tinto Brass)
45 Fury Of Johnny Kid/Ride For A Massacre (Gianni Puccini)
46 The Brute And The Beast/Massacre Time (Lucio Fulci)
47 Pecos Cleans Up (Maurizio Lucidi)
48 Navajo Joe (Sergio Corbucci)
49 Tequila Joe/Time And Place For Killing (Enzo Dell’Aquila)
50 Death Walks In Laredo/Three Golden Boys/ The Pistol, The Karate And The Eye (Enzo Peri)

It’s ok @Phil_H, you can proceed :smiley:.

I was womdering, is there a TOP 20 of the worst spaghettis?

You may find this of interest:

Good list, reminds I have THE DIRTY OUTLAWS on dvd, unwatched. I’ll remedy that soon.

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I love The Dirty Outlaws! I wish Franco Rossetti directed at least one more Western.


I watched DIRTY OUTLAWS yesterday - the Wild EAST dvd - and it blew me away … ultra-violent, nasty, cynical, and two gorgeous, fascinating female characters to gaze upon. Definitely the best use of a muddy town since DJANGO. Great characters, score, and a cool distinct gothic/film noir quality pretty much throughout, assisted by a suspenseful, unusual score. The Civil War elements added a lot to my enjoyment. The WE dvd is certainly acceptable, but I’d spring for a blu-ray without hesitating. Thanks, ElDavido, for calling this prime SW to my attention again. I’d paid a premium for the OOP disc a year or so ago … worth every damn penny.


I agree on all points you made there. It certainly is a Djangoesque film. It has all the things I like in a Spag, I love the lack of realism, it’s like a western nightmare story! Gianni Ferrio’s dream like score fits it perfectly. There’s a German DVD (Also with English) on the label Savoy that used to be pretty cheap, I’m curious to see what the quality’s like on that one, they have a great release of Machine Gun Killers with a trailer for El Desperado as a bonus and the colours there are amazing.


A western nightmare story … exactly so. I was thinking this could well have influenced Q. Tarantino, whose work I mostly much admire. After I finished watching, I remembered reading that QT had listed DIRTY OUTLAWS among his favorite SW’s.

… in fact placing OUTLAWS at no. 13 on his top twenty list.

Btw of course I kicked Aldo’s list immediately out of the counting for the main list …

Ok, nobody took it seriously, and it was of course a joke. Even SD’s list is still in, and actually Aldo never made one.

Well I never made one cause I’m not up for a public mauling at the moment. I will try and mentally strengthen myself for the occasion. :wink:
Plus I still don’t quite understand how it works and don’t want to show myself up. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Nobody is forced to make one, and you won’t be mauled for compile one.

How it works?
Simple. Just name your 20 favourite Spags (the ones you enjoy the most) in order of preference, and I count them for the big forum list.

That’s the most shocking information I’ve heard in years.

Yes, and the world is still suffering by that, without that list neither the Donald nor Covid-19 had happened, but it all has to be as it is …

Well, actually I understand now. After all, besides Quentin Tarantino’s list, SD’s list is one of the most important additions to our community.

Thanks for explaining that Stanton.
I will upload the list I made in near future… If I can make up my mind on the order of preference. :roll_eyes:

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