Viva Django / Django, Prepare a Coffin / Preparati la bara! (Ferdinando Baldi, 1968)

are you all familiar with the fact that here in Germany, there are two versions of this. the regular “serious” version, and a cut-down, re-dubbed “comedy” version?

JUst watched this for the first time,average spaghetti with great music and a great finale.not essential but worth watching.

Love it when Django hands the pistol over upside-down and shoots the dude. Good flick. Good music.

I enjoy this movie a lot. Even better it’s does the Django storyline better than all the other so-called Django movies (except the original of course).

This one is a 3 star for me. I enjoyed it but it’s not going to threaten the top twenty. I thought Hill did a good job though and it was nice to see the story and character at least attempting to capture something of the original. This was all helped by Hill’s uncanny resemblance to Nero I think too.
I never did figure out how come these two were never cast as brothers somewhere. (Or did I just miss it?) It seems to me it would have been a natural combination. Especially when they were both such big stars.

But Hill has a more lightweight effect in Preparati la bara, compared to Nero’s Django.

Funny, he looks more grim and Nerolike in God forgives, I don’t. (In Germany also a “Django” via dubbing)

I liked this movie of course but when I’m watching it I can’t help but think that its Trinity trying to act tough lol.

That’s exactly the problem I have with this one! It’s not so much a lighthearted tone (although this one definitely doesn’t have the gothic atmospheric feel of the original), but I never fully buy Hill as the same dangerous character that Nero portrayed, in spite of an pretty uncanny physical resemblance. He always seemd like he’d be just as willing to call it an early day and get drunk, pal aorund with his gang and maybe play a few hands of cards, and focus on that whole revenge thing in the morning.

I think this is maybe due to the story being pre Django. So the character has yet to be hardened so much by his experience. This is particularly the case at the beginning before his wife is killed. I felt as the story went on he got more embittered. By the time of Django (although the earlier film it is later chronologically) he has become a pretty unfeeling SOB.

good looking spaghetti western with a good theme song and good james bond like credit itself is a little uneven, and a little slow is all familar stuff,but it does feature some sporadic brutal violent momentswhich work well.i much prefer terence hill as here in more serious mode than in the tedious comedy spaghetti westerns and “buddy” comedies that he did too many of. overall a competent,easily watchable western 7/10 8)

But viewed as a prequel, Preparati la bara doesn’t fit with the few things we know about Django’s past in the original Django.

It looks like the screenplay wasn’t intended for a Django Spag, but was transformed into one.
The opening scenes are extremely undjangoish.

Like the word /phrase.


After the tour de force of Johnny Hamlet (who f*** is Shakespeare ?) it was time for some uncomplicated spaghetti western action

This Django sequel? /prequel? /Vol.2? seemed a good pick:!_/_Viva_Django!_Review

A bit dissapointing SW for me, quite boring and non interesting story. It was nice to see Terence Hill in a non comedy sw. Overall id give this a 5/10

Among my faves from Baldi, Terence Hill in a ‘‘heavier’’ role works pretty well on this one. The ending is a big brutal surprise! 8/10

Finally watched this for the first time and quite enjoyed it. Great music, a few really outstanding action scenes and how can you go wrong with Hill/Frank/Eastman?

4/5, not because it’s a technically great film but because of those few little moments that worked for me.

Just watched this one a few days ago. I enjoyed it. Nothing special and, as has been pointed out, wildly uneven at times, but it was a fun, diverting SW. Hill’s great, Eastman is awesome and the last half hour or so is quite good.

Yeah I agree it’s uneven… when I first started watching it, the first 30 minutes made me think it was going to be one of the greatest, but it didn’t keep up the pace I don’t think.

Well I watched this again, I also think it’s average… there are a couple of great scenes though…
The house of fire at night was very effective, Baldi can do wonders with fire scenes.
Also the part where Django shoots the guy in the face, I had to rewind and watch it again, just amazing.
It was worth it just for those scenes.

I rated this one 4. But Today I would maybe give it a 3. I think you’re right, Chuck. It has got some great scenes, but some pretty lame parts, and the plot isn’t really convincing as well.