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(Stork Vulture) #21

I’ll start a list for you in the Italian Crime Films thread to list the poliziotteschi for streaming.

Back to Amazon, they’ve added several more in the past 12 hours or so.

Adios Gringo - Adios Gringo - 1965, 92m, 16x9
Arizona Colt Returns - Arizona si scatenò… e li fece fuori tutti - 1970, 87m, 16x9
Blood At Sundown - Perché uccidi ancora? - 1965, 100m, 16x9
Bounty Killer for Trinity - Un bounty killer a Trinità - 1972, 78m, 16x9
Brother Outlaw - Rimase uno solo e fu la morte per tutti! - 1971,78m, 16x9
California - California - 1977, 96m, 16x9
A Gun For 100 Graves - Una pistola per cento bare - 1968, 84m, 16x9
Hole In The Forehead - Un buco in fronte - 1968, 84m, 16x9
Holy Water Joe - Acquasanta Joe - 1971, 88m, 16x9
I Want Him Dead - Lo voglio morto - 1968, 84m, 16x9
John the Bastard - John il bastardo - 1967, 98m, 16x9

(Jonny Powers) #22

What kind of search criteria do you use to find these?

(Stork Vulture) #23

For the Westerns it’s easy

On the desktop I go on the top left to DEPARTEMENT > VIDEO > INCLUDED WITH PRIME

Then I go down to where you can choose movie genre, and select Westerns, then filter by NEWEST ADDED.

For everything else, it gets tricky. Crime films might be listed as action, or drama, or mystery, or something else entirely. Also, there’s just a lot more titles to search through than Westerns. One thing I do is just search by star or director. Clicking on Tomas Milian from the page for Run Man Run brings up his other films (filter again by Prime) and you’ll find his other spags but also:

The Cynic, The Rat and The Fist - Il cinico, l’infame, il violento - haven’t watched it yet.

So I would just open up all the pages for the spags I listed and just click on the actors and directors, and find all the crime movies, but also other movies that don’t quite fit in a neat category.

(Stork Vulture) #24

Okay, here’s some updates.

Amazon Prime Video has gone global and is available in over 200 countries/markets. But their content varies by market. So some of theses titles might even be available in whatever country you are in.

Westerns removed from Prime, as a I wrote before they can come and go quickly:

Among Vultures
Sundance Cassidy

Westerns added to Prime, some available to buy at $7.99 in SD quality:

Buddy Goes West - Occhio alla penna - 1981, 88m, 16x9
Fort Yuma Gold - Per pochi dollari ancora - 1966, 95m, 16x9
A Man Called Invincible - Lo chiamavano Tresette… giocava sempre col morto - 1973, 81m, 16x9
No Killing Without Dollars - La morte non conta i dollari - 1967, 86m, 16x9
Sabata The Killer - Arriva Sabata… - 1970, 84m, 16x9
Three Crosses Not To Die - Tre Croci Per Non Morire - 1968, 93m, 2:35 credits, 16x9 film
Train For Durango - Un treno per Durango -1968, 94m, 16x9

and this strange one:

Trinity Goes East - 1998, 88m, 16x9
This one was on the cheap SW box set, Spaghetti Western Bible Vol 1
Not a western, and has knock off Trinity & Bambino actors, and music from Alessandro Alessandroni that I’m sure was recycled from an early western. Looks terrible.

(Stork Vulture) #25

More updates:

The Dirty Outlaws - El desperado - 1967, 101m, 16x9
Johnny Oro - Johnny Oro - 1965, 86m, 16x9
One More To Hell - Uno di piu all’inferno - 1968, 88m,
Road To Fort Alamo - La strada per Fort Alamo - 1964, 75m, 16x9
Sartana In The Valley Of Death - Sartana nella valle degli avvoltoi - 1970, 78m, 16x9, opening credits are in german without subtitles, rest of film is in english
Tex And The Lords Of The Deep - Tex e il signore degli abissi - 1985, 101m, 16x9
You’re Jinxed Friend, You’ve Met Sacramento - Sei jellato amico, hai incontrato Sacramento - 1972, 86m, 16x9

and for any Gemma fans, these are also available on Prime and don’t seem to quite fit in some of the other threads about crime films or gialli:

Archer Of Fire aka Long Live Robin Hood - L’arciere di fuoco - 1971, 80m, 16x9
Corbari - 1970, 92m, 16x9
Even Angles Eat Beans [sic] - Anche gli angeli mangiano fagioli - 1973, 122m, 16x9, the title is spelled wrong on Amazon, with “Angles” instead of “Angels”

(Stork Vulture) #26

Well, seeing as there’s something amiss with various descriptions on Amazon, I thought I’d recheck what’s available and what isn’t.

Added, synopsis from IMDB:

Long Days of Vengeance - I lunghi giorni della vendetta - 1966, 111m, 16x9

10,000 For A Massacre
Bullet for the General
Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot!
Man, Pride and Vengeance
A Pistol for Ringo
Ringo Face Of Revenge
Silver Saddle

(Sebastian) #27

Just a quick look at AmazonVideo Germany shows (click this link: )

  • the new Winnetou TV trilogy
  • some of the old Karl May movies
  • the good, the bad and the ugly
  • the two dollars movies
  • Die Troublemaker
  • “Keoma 2” (hehe)
  • Onion Jack
  • Django
  • Der Teufel kennt kein Halleluja
  • Mit Django kam der Tod
  • Django der Rächer
  • Django spara per primo
  • Satan der Rache
  • Djangos Rückkehr
  • Sartana kommt
  • Bandidos
  • A Bullet for the President
  • Django kennt kein Erbarmen
  • Sartana kommt (different edition)
  • Der Mann mit der Kugelpeitsche
  • Fäuste, Bohnen und Karate
  • Django - Ein Silberdollar für einen Toten
  • Tex
  • Alle für einen - Prügel für alle
  • Desperados der Hauch des Todes
  • Arriva Sabata!
  • Sein Wechselgeld ist Blei
  • Zwei schaffen alle
  • Prärie des Todes

Streaming und VOD
(Stork Vulture) #28



Day of Anger - I giorni dell’ira - 1967, 86m, 2:35, HD maybe?
Gentleman Killer - Gentleman Jo… uccidi - 1967, 93m, 16x9
God in Heaven, Arizona on Earth - Una bala marcada - 1972, 84m, 16x9
Hate Thy Neighbor - Odia il prossimo tuo - 1968, 85m, 4x3
I am Sartana…Your Angel Of Death - Sono Sartana, il vostro becchino - 1969, 94m, 16x9
Kill the Wicked! - Dio non paga il sabato - 1967, 88m, 16x9
Kill Them All And Come Back Alone - Ammazzali tutti e torna solo - 1968, 96m, 16x9
Last Of The Badmen - Il tempo degli avvoltoi - 1967, 91m, 16x9
Pecos Cleans Up - Pecos è qui: prega e muori - 167, 87m, 16x9
The Ruthless Four - Ognuno per sé - 101m, 1968, 101m, 16x9
Sheriff Of Rock Springs - Lo sceriffo di Rockspring - 1971, 76m, 4x3
Taste of Vengeance - I vigliacchi non pregano - 1968, 113m, 16x9
Why Go On Killing - Perché uccidi ancora? - 1965, 88m, 16x9

The Magnificent Daredevil - Gemma and Navarro together again for a Luciano Ercoli film

(Stork Vulture) #29


Returning to Prime after absense:

10,000 For A Massacre
Bullet for the General
Django Kill… If You Live, Shoot!
Man, Pride and Vengeance
A Pistol for Ringo
Ringo Face Of Revenge
Shango might be back on Prime, it has the label, but as I had already bought it, I can’t tell
Silver Saddle

New to Prime

7 Guns For The MacGregors - Sette pistole per i MacGregor - 1966, 91m, 16x9
Apocalypse Joe Clifford - Un uomo chiamato Apocalisse Joe - 1970, 90m, 16x9
Awkward Hands - Manos torpes - 1969, 89m, 16x9
Ballad Of Django - Giù le mani… Carogna! (Django Story) - 1971, 80m, 16x9
Bastard, Go and Kill Chaco - Bastardo, vamos a matar - 1971, 81m, 16x9
Black Killer - Black Killer - 1971, 91m, 16x9
Django Shoots First - Django spara per primo - 1966, 83m, 16x9
The Fighting Fist of Shanghai Joe - Il mio nome è Shangai Joe - 1973, 92m, 2:35 (there is also the same movie available under the title “Shanghai Joe” but that version is stretched out 16x9)
God Made Them,I Kill Them - Dio li crea… io li ammazzo! - 1968, 86m, 16x9
Return Of Clint The Stranger - Il ritorno di Clint il solitario - 1972, 79m, 16x9, quality not as good as most Amazon prime SWs, somewhat pixelated
A Stranger In Paso Bravo - Uno straniero a Paso Bravo - 1968, 83m, 16x9
Tequilla Joe - …e venne il tempo di uccidere - 1968, 91m, 16x9, Title is mispelled on Amazon with 2 letter 'L’
They Call Him Graveyard (Bullet for a Stranger, A) - Gli fumavano le Colt… lo chiamavano Camposanto - 1971, 89m, 2:35? (the poster is plaintext but has title as “They Call Him Cemetary”, title on Amazon is as I listed it with the Bullet for a Stranger paranthetical)

New Eurowesterns:

The Black Eagle Of Santa Fe - Die schwarzen Adler von Santa Fe - 1964, 80m, 16x9


Beyond The Law - Al di là della legge - This one was available briefly, maybe 1 month, but now is unavailable.


Charleston & Trinity - A Gemma prohibition gangster comedy from Barboni