Vengeance / Joko, invoca Dio … e muori (Antonio Margheriti, 1968)

(Spaghetti Monkey) #61

Hahah… i figured someone here must like this one more than CAIN. The opening and the spurs of death are better than anything in CAIN. It’s not too far behind for me and think a second watch will probably bring this one even closer, but i doubt it will surpass it.

(Silence) #62

I first read: Well, this is my favorite Western!

Actually SM, my fav Margheriti Western is Take A Hard Ride!

(Spaghetti Monkey) #63

I’ve got TaHR sitting on the shelf, but i’ve not gotten around to it yet. Have seen STRANGER AND THE GUNFIGHTER, not too bad for a humorous buddy flick, but nowhere near VENGEANCE or CAIN.

(chuck connors brother) #64

Yeah me too, in me top 10, i’m surprised some people find it boring. The style and direction just amazing.

(The Stranger) #65

Cool! Claudio Camaso has a totally crazy part!
I do not know why, but I like Vengeance very well.
AND GOD SAID TO CAIN has only one good Kinski.
For me, AND GOD SAID TO CAIN is more of a horror movie than a Western. I miss the action. The IW-feeling.
Vengeance 8 / 10
The only negative: it lacks the realism. But perhaps in all IW. No problem!

(Spaghetti Monkey) #66

Definitely not a problem. :wink:

(Dillinger) #67

Where’s realism in gunplay and many more ingredients of the spaghetti recipe?

(El Topo) #68

Saw this one at cinema office this morning to kept my mind away from the world cup, and from this bloody crisis, one of those days I’m not having any clients at all, with all companies closing down for business. No problem I’ll just go to Angola.

This is a pretty nice one, got that true SW feeling, Margheriti is no Leone, but he got some nice films (Seven Dead in the Cat’s Eye comes to mind), and he knows the deal. The story pretty straightforward at the beginning, but the twist on it are OK and reasonably well done, the only complain it’s the several climax through the film, and the long shoot out scenes specially the one in the town. For the rest, it’s one of those films that reminds me why I like SW, the hero is very cool, the girl also cool (I didn’t know her, but found out she’s from Slovenia, that why she’s gorgeous, the woman there are just nham nahm…), the baddies are cool baddies (Camaso does it’s part very well, the guy really had some issues) and Rozin also adds a touch of class.
I was watching yesterday in television some parts of 3:10 to Yuma the 1957 one, and apart for being a nice western, I found this one match more entertaining, and pleasant to watch .

The soundtrack is ok with some Fado tunes on it.

It’s not a classic of course but it’s 100% SW vintage, to watch without any reservations.

Like it

(Chris_Casey) #69

Definitely my favorite Margheriti Western, as well.
I need to sit down and watch this one again, as it has been a few years since my last viewing.
I like AND GOD SAID TO CAIN, but not nearly as much as I enjoy VENGEANCE (the movie, not the actual act! ha ha!)!

(Dillinger) #70

Your Avatar seems to prove the opposite :wink:

(Chris_Casey) #71


I think one reason I like VENGEANCE better than AND GOD SAID TO CAIN is because the locations used in VENGEANCE include many in Spain. AND GOD SAID TO CAIN was entirely shot in Italy, if I recall correctly, and consists of a large amount of interior shots. I find that I am drawn to films shot in Spain much more than the ones done strictly in Italy (though there can always be exceptions).

(Dillinger) #72

Of course the Spanish desert is always a big plus, but as long as we don’t see that much of the Italian hillside the sets in Italy are OK for me. AND GOD SAID TO CAIN is mostly shot in the old familiar town, so there’s no springtime forest alert.

(dicfish) #73

This flick seems to be pretty interesting…which DVD-Release is the best? (in terms of cut/uncut, quality, widescreen, etc.)

(The Stranger) #74

The best quality is to have the French Seven7 DVD (I have this DVD does not, but unanimous opinion) and is uncut. But has no English audio.

There are two X-rated versions. One is uncut, but has a little poorer image quality, the other is cut with better image quality. The cuts apply only to communications and little action. I have the cut X-rated and i am satisfied. Is a double feature with A Gun for One Hundred Graves.

Here is a DVD Review:

(Achtung: Man hat den Film Vengeance umgenannt für diese DVD Edition. Von “5 Blutige Stricke” zu “Mit Rocco kam der Tod”) :o

(I love you M.E. Kay) #75

Seven7 is uncut? Both and Fnac say it’s 81 minutes. says the German DVD (the cut one) is 85 minutes and the database says that Suevia Films’ is 94 (and they should all be in PAL, right?). Mistakes on both French site or something else, either way I’m confused.

(The Stranger) #76

Sorry, you’re right: The Seven7 is identical to the cut X-Rated. Duration of Seven7 approximately 95 minutes (According to information from another fan). The information is wrong on

As extras on the Seven7 is an interview with Ruggero Deodato !!!

(scherpschutter) #77

I have the Seven7 disc. I check things tomorrow (it’s very late at night here, and there’s a commercial break in the middle of a movie I’m watching on TV)

(scherpschutter) #78

Quickly checked the running time, it’s 1:34:45

(Reverend Danite) #79

I have the ‘Image entertainment’ disc in that brown black n white cardboardy cover. It says 100 mins (ntsc). I don’t remember this being anything other than very good. (Sorry if I’ve repeated any information). Is there a better version?

(dicfish) #80

Thanks to everybody!

So, the Seven7-Disc is cut, but has the best picture quality,
There is an uncut version by X-Rated with poor quality,
And the US-DVD is uncut, but OOP…

Does anybody know anything about the italian disc from Cecchi Gori Home Video?