Vaya Con Dios (Michael Cholewa

Neues Buch von Michael Cholewa, mit Beiträgen von @magdebuerger


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Received my Vaya Con Dios book last week. What puzzles me is that this book hardly seems to get any real attention here, while it is a true treasure trove of Spaghetti film poster/ VHS- or DC covers and plenty of info. Sure, it is in German and I would have preferred English, but that shouldn’t stop any true Spaghetti fan from obtaining this great collection of spag imagery. Highly recommended.

Graphic design and layout look terrible, in my opinion. And at first glance, it seems to have a lot of images just found on the internet. Scans done by fans, dvd covers and so on.

It’s a laudable effort with some great contributions by @magdebuerger but the author has gotten some heavy flak on Facebook due to some criticism that he didn’t take very well (not sure how that ended)…

Even with all its flaws or other things people think that’s wrong with it,
I truly believe a lot of time and effort went into making this book, and even without yet having really tried to read anything, just browsing through all the artwork was a joy. It’s not like there’s tons of books on SW out there and I don’t really care about books looking for deeper meanings in these movies. For 50-some euros, it’s a great coffeetable book at minimum.

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I didn’t even know about this book, until I saw the topic here.

I’ve now read some Facebook interactions between the writer and some others. Apparently he received the exact same criticism that I gave about the layout, plus grammar mistakes.

This guy is beyond childish about it. Let’s face it, it does look like crap. Like it was made in MS Paint.

And yes, there are better books about spaghetti westerns out there, especially when you’re looking for artwork on display. I bought one in Italy myself. Probably available online as well. Just worked the night shift, so can’t be bothered right now, but I will dig it up later today, providing there is any interest.

PS It wouldn’t surprise me if that El Macho scan is mine, haha.

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Which book was it you bought in Italy Harm?

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Also looks very interesting, but at least I can read some german, haha

Looks like a nice little book for images.
Think I’ll pick up a copy. Although I just checked it on Amazon UK and it’s listed as an audio CD :smile:

I would sell my “Vaya con Dios” book, so if someone want it, please PN :slight_smile:

Here are the films: