Vasco and Mancuso

These two has made some great scores, Django The Bastard, No Room To Die, I Am Sartana Your Angel Of Death etc. Any soundtracks available?

Have a look here young man :slight_smile: :[/url]


Awsome, thanks!

Wasn’t one of them, Vasco, in some of the films as well?

Yes, he was in Companeros :wink:

Who did he play?

Tomas Milian played Vasco :smiley: .

Now I got it ;D!

These guys are clearly pros. They are actually my favorite group of all time. I absolutely love everything I’ve heard from them so far (which is a very limited amount, considering all the work they’ve done which has yet to resurface). I have three CDs, which makes for 6 soundtracks total: Tre Croci Per Non Morire, Se Vuoi Vivere… Spara!, Ad Uno Ad Uno Spietatamente, Dio Perdoni La Mia Pistola, Anche Per Django Le Carogne Hanno Un Prezzo, and Una Lunga Fila Di Croci, plus the Sono Sartana and Django Il Bastardo main themes which I downloaded from youtube (not good quality). I also found the film Shoot Joe, and Shoot Again!, and the main theme is pretty awesome. The soundtracks are pretty good quality, but I’m sure the vinyls are amazing (which if they still existed to this day would be PRICELESS). If anybody has any of their other soundtracks, PLEASE let me know!

I really like the styles they use. My favorite can be exemplified by Sono Sartana, Il Vostro Becchino: 6/8, very fast paced, very dramatic, very deliberate, completely over the top and completely epic. Is there a name for this kind of style? Like, is it a genre that exists? Are there other artists who make or have made music that is like this? Or is it completely original?

Probably original, maybe some sort of Russian Western music?

I only know them from the second Sartana movie, their score was the best thing about it, quite good.

Here’s the theme from Django Il Bastardo (The Stranger’s Gundown), also by Vasco & Mancuso, and it just might blow your mind!

I would also like to add that I’ve posted a very special interview with Vasco Vassil Kojucharov on Youtube:

Part One

Part Two

Both offer great insight as to his approach and technique, and I highly recommend watching both!

Great stuff…thanks a bunch.

Thanks for the links, the theme for The Stranger’s Gundown is really good and the interview is particularly captivating. I actually know very little about the process of scoring a movie and hearing mister Vasco Vassil Kojucharov talk about his method was very interesting. He seem to be a very nice person.