Vamos amatar sartana and 3 gun showdown

hi all

i will be posting 20 min of each of these movies on you tube next week
eng dubbed
these are transfers from the reels so dont expect dvd quality
email me for screenshot of each
i dont know how to post them here on the site

Why just 20 mins of each?

thats it 20 min
buy full movie when i release it
dont ask when

Will the discs be pressed discs or dvd’rs ?

Ah, finally!

Ah, warrior. Ever so friendly.

We’re you’re potential customers ::slight_smile:

i never do dvdr they are rubbish and waste of my time
only pressed disc
not treally interested in releasing these westerns any longer.thye cost too much and u dont make your money back
has anyone dealt with dtmailorder before?
i am looking for a tonino ricci movie "rush"they wont ship to south afrca
i am not interestedin trades.i want to buy it
any help would be appreciated are a reliable shop. Bought from them a couple of times.

Rush I have on Dutch vhs. Pretty cool movie.

Where are you going to be offering these discs, ebay? And when are you going to release them?

Also: Please come up with better covers.

maybe next year.sorry not interested in vhs

I wasn’t offering it. Worth more than the dvd.

i have the vhs
dvd is better

Thank you very much warrior for the Screenshots ! :smiley:
Can’t wait, to see both films !

Pretty watchable ! I’ve seen much, much worse…

Yeahhh ! Great quality for this rarity ! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

Will this be a double feature?

ask me taht next year when i plan on releasing .i am just posting it cause some guy told me that it none of them exist in english.

Hey warrior, the week draws to a close! :wink:

Anything happening here? I was really looking forward to those 20 minutes of the unreleased Vamos a Matar Sartana…

hilarious thread

So… was he just wasting time, or actually doing anything helpful at all?

warrior has released a handful of lesser known spaghettis. I’m sure these will be out eventually- he said next year some time

I was looking forward to seeing Vamos Amatar Sartana, oh well.