Uvod Hrvatski [Croatian]

New introduction in Croatian

Što je špageti-vestern?

Great addition. Unfortunately i can’t comment on the quality of the translation …

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I can. It is readable, sentences mostly make sense and there are no words that doesn’t exist i Croatian. But, lots of frazes are awkward and would be said in different way in Croatian. If you are interested, I could make the adjustments to the text and send it to you?

PS: name of the language should be “Hrvatski” not “Hrvat” and name of this topic should be “Uvod”, not “Uvot”.
PPS: most people in Croatia (well, most that would find swdb on net) can read English version perfectly well, but I appreciate the addition :slight_smile:

Titoli, can u help ups fine tune the text if I make u an SWDb account?

I you hae no account, you can send the new text to me. Send me a PM

I do think it would be better for titoli to be on board with his own account. After all, we want to grow our family :smile:

True (plus a couple of characters)

Yes, I can, I’ll be glad to contribute :smile:

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Great, check your email. In the meantime, original author @mikus99 has joined the forum!

Hi! I’m mikus99 but I change name. I know Croatian but it’s not my mother tongue so maybe some of phrases aren’t so natural as these used be native Croatian. With a comments of @titoli surely it would be better :wink:

Hi @titoli and @Mikolaj when can you two have another look at the text? Let me know if there’s an issue with logging into the SWDb (contact me per PM or email)

Hi, I’ve started to go through the text, I’ll finish it over the weekend.

Changed text is up.

I have added one little fact that I hope Sebastian and original authors of the article won’t mind :wink:

I will have to use the smart powers of Google translate to even find out! :smile:

Great! Later I will write your version to compare with the first one and to find your ‘little fact’ :slight_smile: and I think that you should add your name near my as a second author or at least that you helped in making this translation :wink:
When I have time, I’ll add few croatian and polish original titles of westerns.

I think, I got your new fact - Blu-ray, yes? ;d

Yes, I’ve added that too, but I was actually hinting at another one: Yugoslavia as filming location :wink: