Up the MacGregors! / 7 donne per i MacGregor (Franco Giraldi, 1967)

I liked the movie. It’s pretty similar to “Sette pistole per i MacGregor” not only concerning plot. It’s also slightly comedic and quite brutal in parts. Most importantly it’s also entertaining.

Yes quite agree… Light comedy in places but very very brutal indeed, not for the kiddies… I like “Sette pistole…” better though. This one had a confusing story line…

This one definitely has its enjoyable moments; but, overall it leans too much towards comedy for me.
It is nowhere near as good a film as 7 GUNS FOR THE MACGREGORS…or even SUGAR COLT for that matter.

Just viewed this one, and is an entertaining film with light comic touches which seemed to work for the film.

The Italian disc is very good quality 2.35 widescreen and is well worth its money as the quality is excellent, aswell as having extras on the disc.

Plenty of action in the film all set to a Morricone score, which has a track in from A Fistful of Dollars.

not a fan of these light hearted SW’s but this one was more palatable for me than most of it’s ilk. not as juvenile as the "Trinity " films and the nice looking women helped. saw it on DVD-R and it was a good quality picture ( thanks again, rev). some good action and yes it was fairly brutal at times. 5/10

Still on the shelf, wanted to watch it several times, but other movies dashed past it

Finally watched and reviewed it:


For the occasion, the review of the first MacGregor movie has been revised:


I watched this a few days ago. I’m not going to go against the general consensus that it’s a bit silly, but reasonably watchable. I didn’t see too much difference in quality between this and Seven Guns…

One scene that I did like was the ageing Frank James living in his hut. I thought that was a nice touch: quite sad but also quite funny.

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Off the back of re-watching the first MacGregors film it only seemed right to follow up with this one too.

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