Unlikable/least favorite main characters

I was scrolling through the Arizona Colt thread and got inspired. Many users there said that Arizona is possibly the most unlikable Spaghetti Western protagonist and I have to agree. I think I’ll have to watch the movie again so I can pay more attention to how annoying the dude is. I think in the end of the film when Arizona leaves, he never returns to the woman. Instead he gets in trouble and ends up in prison again… Or finds another woman and leaves her too after getting some money somewhere. I just feel so bad for the lady, she deserves better than Arizona Colt.

And Anthony Steffen’s Arizona Colt was no better XD Arizona Colt always seems to be a b@stard

I love Giuliano Gemma, but he also plays another annoying protagonist: Angel Face/Ringo from A Pistol for Ringo. Angel Face is that annoying 16-year-old kid from your school who tries to hit on every girl he meets and is always in trouble. I actually almost yelled at Ringo to shut up at some points during the film because he was getting on my nerves. :joy: