Unable to post in Spagvemberfest

I went to post my pick for today in Spagfest, and it keeps saying that new users can only post three times in discussion forums. This is my third Spagfest, so I’m not new. I just created a new profile. Is this a new change with 3.0?

Hi. That’s interesting. Since you’re still Trust Level 0 the forum may be limiting your daily activity in a way. It has nothing to do with 3.0 as that only applies to the database, not the forum. I will look into while it limits you to three replies, but in any rate try doing some other activity in the forum to gain trust level 1 (liking others posts, linking to things, reading more topics, being logged on for a number of consecutive days, etc).

I found this:

Screenshot from 2022-11-16 09-14-18

Maybe you added three in a row to the same topic?

Yeah. That window kept popping up. My last two posts were for my pick on Day 13 and the one on Day 14. Yesterday, I was going to post my Day 15 pick, and that’s when the window about being a new viewer popped up. I’m not actually a new viewer. I created a new profile for this Spagvember, but I participated in the 2020 and 2021 fests under the profile GingerGirl. One of those years I had messaged you about possibly reviewing one of the Pecos films from an Arrow boxed-set that came out.

I can merge these accounts for you (keep the new one), ok?

That would be great! Would I be able to post then?

Let’s see if merging the accounts plus you getting a bit more active outside the Spagvemberfest topic gets us there. Please understand that there are certain safeguards built into this forum software, some of them I know how to jig in favor if individual requests, and others are just standard spam safeguards we don’t really do away as they may protect us from actual cases :slight_smile:

Have you encountered this problem again @Gingerbread80 ?

No problems since then. Thanks for checking in!