Un Bounty killer a Trinità / A Bounty Killer at Trinity?

Does anybody know where I can find a copy of Un Bounty killer a Trinità / A Bounty Killer at Trinity (Year: 1972, Director: Oscar Santaniello and Joe D’Amato) in English (or if it’s not available in English, English subs?) I’ve checked my usual sources but can’t find it. It seems to be available at Video Search of Miami however I’d rather not get it from them. Any help is greatly appreciated… thanks!


I have a fandub of this. Excellent widescreen english print.

But even a great quality print can’t save this really shitty movie.

This is the type of movie that makes you into a stupider person after you watch it.

Sounds like one for me when I have no beers in the fridge :D.


its one for me when i have a fridge full of beers

Cool, thanks for the info! But does anyone know of any place in the USA? If not, I’ll get it from overseas. Btw, I am not thinking this is going to be a good film, haha, I’m just a big Joe D’Amato fan!