UK pre cert tapes

I’m a collector of UK pre-cert VHS tapes. There’s still quite a few that I’m looking for and I’m hoping to enlarge my collection and . So, if anyone has western pre-certs (I collect both spaghetti and non-spaghetti westerns) that they don’t mind parting with, just send me a message! :grin:

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Nice to see that someone still collects video tapes. I gave up my Danish collection of same years ago. Taking up too much bloody space :slight_smile:

Collect U.K ones. Have most of the tapes I want now.

After these UK pre-certs the most:

20,000 Dollars on No.7
Apache Massacre
The Bad Bunch (The Relentless Four)
The Bang Bang Kid
Broken Sabre
California Gold Rush
Chato’s Land (actually a post-cert but still rare/big box)
Colorado Charlie
The Deserter
Desperate Women
I’ll Die for Vengeance
Kid and the Killers
The Last Gun
The Last Rebel
The Long Day of the Massacre
Lucky Johnny
Massacre at Marble City
The McMasters
Mutiny at Fort Sharp
One For All
The Scavengers
Smoke in the Wind
They Believed He Was a Saint
They Call Me Lucky
Ulzana’s Raid
Vengeance with a Gun
The Wicked Die Slow

Some of those will cost alot of cash ! And thats if they turn up. But have seen a few of those on E Bay in the last few years like; Lucky Johnny, The Deserter and Ulzana’s Raid . So some do indeed turn up. You will struggle with some as non known copies are known to exist amongst the pre cert collectors of U.K tapes and those titles are Vengeance with a Gun and I’ll Die for Vengeance. Also according to the Pre Cert database there is some doubt whether The Bad Bunch was released ( even though a sleeve was produced), as there is a small note at the bottom of the page it may be a sample cover:

Aware of that, yes. I don’t think it did get a release but it’s still debated. I’d like to get my hands on the sample cover. I have it taped anyway, so I could just stick that in the case.
Ulzana’s Raid sold for only £1.99. Unfortunately I missed it.

I’ve managed to get Mutiny at Fort Sharp and Jory so far. That’s two off the list.