Two Faces of the Dollar / Le due facce del dollaro (Roberto Bianchi Montero, 1967)


Can’t remember much about it but it had a gritty feel that certainly appealed to me.

(autephex) #22

I really liked the first half hour but then it kinda went off into a series of over-used ripoff scenes and messy Sartana-like switcharoos. Still a pretty good spaghetti overall, and perhaps the fact that I watched it in several sittings is what made the second half not as good.

Looks like I’m sitting with the majority here at a 3/5 stars

Always enjoy a good monk shoot out scene:


Watched this via a recent fandub upgrade. I concur with some of what has been said above. Nothing special, but an enjoyable one nevertheless. The idea to rob the Fort of it’s load of gold was interesting and well done, but it takes it’s time to get there. Gerard Herter IMO is the standout in this and i really like the music score. Gold + Greed = No happy ending.

(The Man With a Name) #24

I wonder what the source is for my copy. It’s obviously recorded from a VHS but it is in widescreen. It has English audio (what’s the source for the English audio?) and goes into German for a brief moment. Enjoyable spaghetti western with some nice music. Would love to see this one in better quality.

(ENNIOO) #25

The source is a German vhs as I remember on that version.

(The Man With a Name) #26

Do you know where the English audio came from?

(ENNIOO) #27

No idea on that one.

(The Man With a Name) #28

This deserves a better release! A very good spaghetti western worthy of being in an alternative top 20. I have a fandub of the French disc, which is nice quality and a major improvement over the previous version I watched, although the ending on the French version has been cut short.