Two Faces of the Dollar / Le due facce del dollaro (Roberto Bianchi Montero, 1967)

For me this heist movie can be divided into two parts. The first hour we are watching the robbery. It’s interesting even if at time very illogical. It’s fun to watch. Then when the robbery is completed, we go into the doublecrossing land. For it were some of the worst scripted doublecrosses ever and it was simply boring to watch. Not to mention the ending was a messy crap. Still we get some nice Morricone-wannabe music and we can see Gerard Herter not playing a villain at once. This time he makes kind of Colonel Mortiner impersonation, but he ain’t Van Cleef for sure. 6/10

That would make it worth watching for me.
Am I correct in assuming that this is NOT a comedy?

[quote=“Romaine Fielding, post:2, topic:1167”]That would make it worth watching for me.
Am I correct in assuming that this is NOT a comedy?[/quote]
No, it’s not

Is there a DVD-R of this one out there?

It’s funny how evidently they steal things from Leone films in this one: Gerard Herter’s character who looks like LVC’s Colonel Mortimer, the scene in the gun shop is very similar to GBU as well as the desert scene.

The scenes with Monty Greenwood as he check the gun and in disguise of a priest are the best of the movie.The score and camera work are great

An Audiodubbed Version from the French DVD - comming up!!!

Fine score. Above average spaghetti western, even though some ideas are obviously borrowed. It starts out a bit talky, but it gets interesting quick. The film indeed switches from being a heist film into “double crossing land” as alk0 mentions. But this not necessarily a bad thing. I agree with Lanky Fellow that the priest bit by Greenwood is the best scene of the film. But let’s not forget the cleavage of Gabriella Giorgelli that is constantly available for viewing pleasure. Overall I’d say 6,5/10.

Decent film, with good performances and gritty photography, although Montero allows the heist sequence to drag on too long. (It does have tense moments, though.)

Herter is excellent, as always, and keeps his mannerisms in check, for once, and I like Maurice Poli/Monty Greenwood in the lead.



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Very entertaining film with a good performance by Gérard Herter.
The robbery is very unspectacular, but staged exciting and interesting.
Even Jacques Herlin figure as a mathematician is varied. Actually, despised by all people as a madman, he is in truth very calculating and selfish.
It leave Gabriella Giorgelli back in the fort, so he will not have to share with her the gold. But ultimately he dies for this greed.

I do not know why, but the second part of the movie (after the robbery) reminded me a bit of I Crudeli. And even here, no one is happy with the gold.

And I agree with LankyFellow, the score and the camera work is first class. For the Camera work by the way Stelvio Massi was responsible. And that he makes good work, is known.

The film is recommended. Certainly not a genre gem, but we experienced very entertaining minutes. :wink:

Agree with most of what has been said above.
No masterpiece and certainly derivative in many ways but a solidly entertaining and well made heist western which I thoroughly enjoyed. Certainly a notch above some of the ‘lesser’ Spaghettis I’ve been catching up on recently. The ending, however, could have been better. A solid 3 out of 5 for me.

Clever robbery in this one. Have to hand it to the guy who planned it. Best part of the film for me the robbery section. Greed then takes over and things end up a mess for the gang really. Would have been better to stay less greedy, but then again this is a Spaghetti western :smiley: . Have a couple of the score tracks on C.D, and as pointed out above this is a nice score. Alot of Spaghetti fans will find alot to enjoy in this one.

I like this one quite a bit.
Long ago, I gave it a 3 (above) …but, it is really somewhere around a 3.5 in my estimation.
I love the music, the plot is pretty good, the acting is well done…but, even so there is just something about it that keeps me from giving it a higher rating.
Good stuff, though…and I recommend it as a “lesser”, yet very entertaining, Spaghetti Western.

Where can this be found ? Seems there’s no DVDr version of this, at least i couldn’t find one on Cine City and Atlasvisuals.

Probably on cinemageddon, but you need an account to get access to their files

I’d guessed so and i don’t. No worries still lots to see … so this one will end up on the long stack of when-i-do-get-around it :slight_smile: