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(kevinbellamy) #1
They make reference to this site. Mentioning the interview with Ulrich Bruckner (Koch Media) and upcoming 2007 SW releases.

I’ve read the (Koch Media) interview on here but Twitch has included a few extra titles that Koch Media is planning to release that I was not aware of.

“…Thus, Koch Media plans to release a number of spaghetti westerns in 2007, including Tinto Brass’ Yankee, Mario Caiano’s Un Treno Per Durango AKA Train For Durango, Leopoldo Savona’s Killer Kid, Alberto Cardone’s Sette Dollari Sul Russo AKA Seven Dollars On The Red, Sergio Martino’s Arizona si scateno…e li fece fuori tutti AKA Arizona Colt Returns and Gianni Puccini’s Dove si spara di più AKA Fury Of Johnny Kid…”


(Sebastian) #2

yeah we have a koch media topic. i think last train for durango will be next, sometime in february

(Yodlaf Peterson) #3

looking forward to Last train for Durango as i only have a vhs which is a compromise at about 1.85:1 instead of the full ratio in which it was shot

(Silvanito) #4

Woohoo, “Yankee” will be a welcome release on dvd 8)

(tom) #5

I found an english version of yankee! ;D

(Silvanito) #6

That’s nice, where did you find it and how was the quality of that release?

(Yodlaf Peterson) #7


(tom) #8


this movy you will find nowhere on engish dvd or vhs, I never saw an english version of this movie anywere!

(Silvanito) #9

You still haven’t told us where it came from :slight_smile:

And how was the quality of the print?

(tom) #10

Im still waiting on the copy, but Im getting it from a collecter in the usa, were he found the tape? I asked him if he could send me the cover.

(Silvanito) #11

Maybe it was taped from television?

(Silvanito) #12

So maybe Franco Cleef can make a redub of the upcoming “Yankee” dvd from Koch, now that an english language version exists, that’s awesome ;D

(tom) #13

I was thinking the same thing!
If I knew how to do it I would like to try it myself! but I think it takes to mutch time, and I think It is to nerving. I think my computer wouldnt servive my anger attcks! :wink:

when is the german dvd going to be released?

(kevinbellamy) #14

Hopefully soon but i’ve not seen a relase date or even tenative release date for any of this material.

I hope they release like 4 DVDS early 2007 and the remaining material mid or late 2007.