Twice a Judas / Due volte Giuda (Nando Cicero, 1968)

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Probably full screen.

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I’ve got the spanish DVD. It was very cheap but it sucks! :-[

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In the recent Medusa release, which otherwise would be more than good, there’s a problem: unlike the original version in the opening sequence the archive footage regarding vultures is vertically stretched, and obviously this creates a very unpleasant contrast.

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“Would you please, please tell me who I am?”



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I saw this one not so long ago, and enjoyed watching it. Not a big fan of Sabato but he was ok, Kinski imo was great though.

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I’ve seen Twice A Judas, but only in a abysmal pan and scan version ( thanks Mill Creek!). I’d love to watch a nice clean copy of the film. I enjoyed it. Double K is always awesome. I just wish they could’ve come up with a better name then “Dingus”. I like Sabato as an actor. I think he usually comes off as charming, so it was nice to see him acting serious. The story kept me interested throughout. 3 stars for me.

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Yes this sums things up for me.

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Agreed with mostly everybody on this thread.
atypical plot but nothing interesting is done with it.

Can’t remember too much except Sabato spewing round after round of Blunderbuss ammo without reloading and somehow, despite it being a close range firearm, the fire effects bodies from yards away.

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[quote=“YourPallbearer, post:28, topic:1057”]Agreed with mostly everybody on this thread.
atypical plot but nothing interesting is done with it.

Can’t remember too much except Sabato spewing round after round of Blunderbuss ammo without reloading and somehow, despite it being a close range firearm, the fire effects bodies from yards away.[/quote]

Huh? He loaded it twice and used it twice, setting it aside after the first shot (he’d reloaded it) and grabbing his Winchester to cherry-pop Kinski’s remaining riflemen as they appeared along the canyon-rim. Then Sabato grabbed the Blunderbuss again as Kinski winged 'im… eventually blowing-open Kinski’s chest with it.

But I generally agree with your review. It felt too much like a ‘family drama’. -Like a tv-episode of The Virginian or Bonanza, etc. For instance, a nice SW-touch would have vultures (from the beginning) ‘following’ Sabata around… That scene was a warning-sign of blandness tho. Congregating vultures, yet no blood-effects, and no flying-feathers when Sabata shot at 'em. It wouldn’t have hurt to have the film-crew toss a bucket of feathers in front of the camera.

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Good mystery western with 2 superb performances.
Klaus Kinski as the mysterious brother and Jose Calvo as alcoholic doctor are easy to remember.
Antonio Sabato was ok in the leading role.
There is very atmospheric beginning including vultures.
I think that flashback scene was a little bit too long.
The script works well and directing by Nando Cicero is fine.
Its no material for TOP 20 but good serious spag.

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Just looked at the review by Scherp and haven’t yet checked out the WE dvd, but I’m assuming that dvd is a fully uncut version?

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I liked this a lot. Its better than average IMO. Interesting narrative strucure, im not sure why people would feel this is boring or pedestrian. The plot is only gradually revealed as the hero regains his memory, and ive personally not seen another western like this. The rear of the WE case says that both movies are presented in their ‘uncut euro versions’ so im guessing its uncut. The quality of both films is great, almost Koch standard and anamorphic widescreen.

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Well my expectations have been boosted, thanks! I’ll be looking forward to watching it Friday!

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Watching the Wild East DVD defenitly made me enjoy the film more. I gave it 3 stars after watching a horrible print from Mill Creek. Now I’ll give it 3.5 stars. A bit slow, but very enjoyable with an intriguing plot. Double K owns each scene he’s in and Sabato is solid.

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Omg this is great, I’m calling Kinski this from now on ;D

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LOL! Go for it, JP ;D . I’ve also seen him called “K2” on a Kinski website.

(Jonny Powers) #37

K2 sounds awesome! Makes him sound like the Terminator 8) Well, just finished Twice a Judas, and I have to say I’m impressed. The memory aspect was really well done, and the plot kept me hooked and guessing till the end. I feel like this should get a solid four out of five for being so damned intriguing, but it just doesn’t seem like it fits with other four star movies. Maybe I’m just basing it off the lower production qualities, maybe it’s just the general rush after finishing a solid film and I need to think it over. Either way, still a great movie!

Oh, and a quick clarification on the quality: great picture, audio cuts to Italian for a few bits near the end, and the vulture stock footage is vertically stretched here as well.

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Above average spaghetti for me. I have a thing for spaghettis with post Civil War theme and this one has it and American Homestead Acts as its background, but I like how the movie goes unexpected route. We are not sure who’s good, who’s bad, whose side should we take. Every character has motives that are in some aspect valid. Oh yeah, ambiguity like that is also right up my alley. Of course, Civil War theme can be used as allegory for Italy, there are typically Italian lines (“law is not sufficient”). But movie is also the mystery movie and family drama, and for me it is much better mystery movie than say The Grand Duel, and better, less soapy drama than Forgotten Pistolero. Directing was very solid, I like both Nando Cicero SWs I’ve seen, this and Last of the badmen. Lots of stylish shots accompanied by the music by Carlos Pes and Roberto Pregadio which was distinctive, atmospheric and overall first class. Still I had complaints, smaller ones would include for example the fact that at the end of the, otherwise great and stylish opening shot, we can see a dead man blink.

The biggest complaints I’ll address in this questions for the people who saw the movie (watch for spoilers thos of you who didn’t):

  • Why has nobody revealed to Luke who Dingus is? Surely older townsmen knew him and Barrets, but they’re acting like they are believing or playing along with his story.
  • Who Dingus really was - is he half-brother of Victor and Luke? Luke was hired to kill his ‘brother’, at that point, before amnesia, he knew that they’ve meant Dingus. Or does everybody else think Dingus really is Victor. Why?

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Just re-watched this after some years. This time via Movies4Men which has a much better print than my old pan and scan monstosity. I quite enjoyed it last time out and even more this time. Not one of the best for sure but well above average. M4M continue to surprise with the growing quality of the prints they are accessing.

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Just finished first viewing and I thought this was top tier spaghetti.

Excellent direction, cinematography and use of color - this is always primarily why I appreciate many spaghettis over anything to do with plot or characters. Having Kinski on board also helps add a bit extra.

The Italian DVD is very good… colors are spot on, grain is present and excellent picture. According to @aldo there are some English parts present in the movies4men print where Kinski talks about being an Indian halfbreed, towards the end, which were in Italian in the version I watched.

I can imagine that the overall impression of the movie would be much lower if I had watched a fullscreen p&s print, so if you haven’t seen a good quality print, I’d really recommend revisiting.

Of course, I’m sure the whiskey helped.