Twenty Thousand Dollars for Every Corpse / 20.000 dólares por un cadáver (José María Zabalza, 1969)

Blue-eyed Luis Davila? Miguel de la Riva as proposed by Phil? Don’t know, in both cases I’m not entirely convinced… In any way the (certainly inappropriate) Italian title of Los Rebeldes de Arizona was Adios Cjamango, and also in that one practically all the actors were credited under a pseudonym.

A farmer kills a bandit worth 20.000 dollars by accident. He will collect the bounty in spite of his wife’s objections but the collection of money brings him troubles as outlaws friends wants to avenge him and they also steal the money from him and burn down his farm. Farmer starts to practice shooting and prepares to kill the bandits to get his money back (while his wife keeps constantly nagging to him). The idea in the film is interesting but it doesn’t carry the plot enough and soon it turns to regular bad guys vs good guys film and with Zabalza’s bad directing it’s all just boring. Film finishes with big shoot out that doesn’t make much sense and the final confrontation with the hero and villain is edited so badly that it looks almost like a dream sequence.

Film was probably shot together with Adios Cjamango as there’s lots of same sets and actors wearing same outfits in both films.

Starts off not to bad then goes into routine bad guys and good guys with no orginal elements coming into the story. So yes, standard affair, but enjoyed more than I probably should as this must be one of the first new Spaghetti westerns I have viewed this year !

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