Turn … I’ll Kill You / Voltati … ti uccido (Alfonso Brescia, 1967)

A weak and rather uninspired effort by Brescia (Al Bradley on the credits). Wasn’t paying much attention to the plot after some point and the action scenes were unexciting for the most part. The fist-fights were far too many while the gundown at the town at the end was a mess directionwise. The cheapness unfortunately is everywhere. Richard Wyler never looked cool in my eyes and this film is no exception. The only thing that I truly enjoyed was Sancho’s expressions when he steals some cigars at the beginning of the film. The score was great, but it was lifted from Texas Addio. Not much to add, below average stuff without the strong SW feel, only for die-hards.


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Yeah seriously low budget spaghetti, Fernando Sancho is good, had some good action (great explosion at the end with the guy holding the dynamite). But was struggling to get through it at certain points. Recycles about 4 different tracks from various SWs.

Do you remember from which ones? I recognized the parts from Texas Addio only.

Very standard this one. As mentioned above the cigar scene is real good. Couple of score tracks are from A Bullet For The General.

Yes, decidedly average stuff with some sloppy direction from Brescia. But Fernando Sancho’s appearance was enough to keep me watching for the most part. He had some nice lines in this one. Overall though, not one I’d recommend to any but the most hardy of fans.

Slightly below a sufficient standard second range SW, penalized by a not very evocative title but not boring or soporific (I watched it in the dark of night) and with a few strings to its bow: the above mentioned Fernando Sancho (El Bicho) and his amusing lines, Conrado San Martin, Spartaco Conversi in a good made-to-measure role, the reversal towards the end, some noteworthy acrobatic acts, various fistfights but no silly saloon brawls.

Found it online and watch it during past week. The typical Brescia’s quality standard, although watchable.
Till arival of a proper DVD, curious people can download a faded Spanish dub divx here

I’m surprised by the negative feedback for this film as I found it very enjoyable with a nice twist at the end. Richard Wyler is likeable as a leading man and Fernando Sancho is his usual self. I watched a Greek VHS tape with English audio. The picture quality was nice and clear. Unfortunately the print is pan and scan and has a few frames missing. I’d definitely buy a Blu-ray if it ever gets a release.

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