Trying to Identify a Fernando Sancho Movie

This is a Fernando Sancho quote… “You see that hill?” he asked them pointing to a nearby peak. “Only bad men live on that hill and the badder you are, the higher up you live.” He then rocked back, took a shot of whisky and growled, “I live at the top…CAN ANYONE TELL ME THE NAME OF THIS WESTERN?.

Hm, afterwards someone should post the answer on Yahoo as well :wink:

i dont think YOUNG GUNS is the title…

Especially because Sancho is not in YG :wink:

Ha ha! Great line.

Now, I can’t especially say which film it’s from as Sir Sancho gets so many good lines in so many films but summat keeps me hankering for him maybe saying this as Gordo Watch in Arizona Colt. He does get some particularly great lines in this…

“My father had a musical gold watch. He told me “Gordo, you’ll have this watch when I am dead.” So, five seconds later, it was mine!”

Could well be wrong, but worth a look?