Trying to find some soundtracks

Hey everyone. There’s some soundtracks that I really want to add to my collection:

Clint the Nevada’s Loner
For a Few Dollars More
The Grand Duel

Anyone know where I can find any of these?

Clint il solitario can still be had from intermezzomedia for around 20 euro (+postage!!):

For a Few Dollars More (I take it you are speaking of the expanded score from GDM) was selling from for 100 euro lately but they seem to have sold their only copy, so try or marketplace.

The Grand Duel… Never found it so good luck (but haven’t been looking THAT hard either)… Again try ebay/amazon … It’s bound to pop up. Then again that may come out as an expanded score soon which make it a bit easier to locate.

Good luck.