Trying to find a Tomas Milian interview

I’m wondering if anybody can help me with this. About seven years ago maybe when I first watched Four of the Apocalypse it was on YouTube and after the film ended the upload played an interview with Tomas Milian. If I remember rightly which I’m not sure I do, I remember him going off on a tangent whenever talking about what he was originally talking about and telling the interviewer about how he got the part on his first western The Ugly Ones. Again If I remember right he told the interviewer about how he blagged either the producer or Eugenio Martin that he could ride a horse when he couldn’t. I remember him saying to the interviewer that he was thinking to himself, “I need this part”. He then mounted one only to be terrified when the horse shot off. I think he said that it was clear to whoever it was that he was lying, but he got the part anyway because the person in question loved his reaction.

I initially thought it was on the Blue Underground FOTA dvd for obvious reasons but I bought that years ago and it wasn’t. I then thought it would have been on another Blue Underground Milian release but having recently bought Django Kill (the only Milian/Blue… release I didn’t own), I realised it wasn’t on there either and I’ve checked every disc that I have.

I remember the interviewer having a North American accent. I think when Milian asked himself what his point behind the story was, I remember the interviewer saying in a clear North American accent “It’s a great story!”.

I think the clip ended with Milian forgetting why he went off the tangent in the first place.

Was this really a thing or did I dream this? :rofl:
If it is real does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks in advance.

Have you tried the extras on the ‘Run Man Run’ DVD ?

I’m not certain that this is the particular interview, but I have heard the story you described :slight_smile:

I think I’ve seen that as well. Maybe on one of the Wild East releases of The Ugly Ones? I can’t say for sure.

Could it be on the BU blu-ray of Companeros? Or possibly the Grindhouse Releasing blu of The Big Gundown? There are interviews with Tomas Milian on both of those although I don’t recall the specifics from either.

Is there an interview with TM on my German blu of Traffic as well? Might be, or I might be thinking of my long-gone R1-locked Criterion DVD of that movie.

Cool, thanks guys at least I know it’s definitely a true story.

I saw the interview before those releases came out, but I’ll take a look at them anyway. Wild East may have taken an interview they used from somewhere else.

I checked the Companeros Blu recently but it definitely wasn’t on there. Could be the Grindhouse release of The Big Gundown though…I never bought it because it didn’t have the full film with English dubbing.

Many thanks guys. I’ll have a look when I get chance.

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was it an interview on a four of the apocalypse DVD?