Trying to find a song (it has vocals) please help!

Heard it a few years back on a spaghetti western comp via YouTube but sure enough I can no longer locate it.

The song was about gold, the vocalist sounded similar to rocky Roberts but I couldn’t find it through him. I wanna say the chorus was about searching for gold and the consequences of it. It’s tough to search for because most of the results simply pull up the ecstasy of gold.

I’m hoping someone here has heard something similar and can point me in the right direction!

“The Price of Gold”, from Dio non paga il sabato.

My favorite song as of late, increasingly becoming one of my favorite spaghetti themes of all time (though it far outclasses the film it’s attached to) is Marcello Giombini/Don Powell’s “Laredo” (from Tre pistole contro Cesare). Its chorus is (in a great big where they drop the volume and Powell triples his vocals) about the secret of gold in a mountain, and then the importance of having gun in hand when you go in search of it.

Maybe Raoul’s “Gold”?