Trying to find a movie

I’m trying to find the name of a movie I saw many years ago as a child. Problem is I only vaguely remember one thing about the movie.
One of the characters weapon of choice was something like a ball bearing or pinball like metal ball. On the top of his shoe was a concave piece. The character would drop the metal ball onto the concave part of his shoe, then kick his foot, thrusting the ball with precision, much like shooting a sling shot ball.
Am I imagining things? Does this sound familiar to anyone? Please help.

I saw this as a youth - it’s one of the ones that got me into the genre. I particularly remembered the model galleon that blew people away when you opened the drawer - but you’re refering to the the metal balls and the grooved boots - Adios Sabata - a damn fine film. Also known as Indio Black.

right here: Indio Black…