Trying to find a movie I saw when I was a kid

I´m trying to remember the title of this old western, I´m fairly sure it was a Spaghetti Western, might have been a Django movie if memiory serves me, but I could be wrong. A strong memory I have from it is it had a scene that
drove me crazy when I was a kid - I was just starting puberty and had barely seen a single image of a naked woman, so keep that in mind before you judge me - was this old western, I believe it was a Spaghetti western, where this bum-looking guy stares at a dancer who said, “you can look, but can´t touch”. Then there was this big brawl in the saloon, the bum guy was holding the chick and asked if he should stop, then no less than the protagonist of the movie said, “keep going, gentleman”, and as the girl kept saying stop -without much conviction or effort to release herself, if memory serves me- the ecstatic bum jumped on her, kissed her boobs and cut at that. Also keep in mind that this kind of scene was common in those old movies from the sixties and seventies, the woman resists then gives in and enjoys it, people even say that James Bond michg have raped Pussy Galore.