Trinity Plus the Clown and a Guitar / Der kleine Schwarze mit dem roten Hut / Prima ti suono e poi ti sparo (Franz Antel, 1975)

A George Hilton film. I am looking for some info on this one. What caught my interest was the late filming period (1975) and the interesting production partners (Italy and Austria). Not to mention Hilton’s hat! Any info is greatly appreciated.

I haven’t seen this one although it is available as a German DVD. It could be nice entertainment for it starrs Hilton, but maybe it’s just a nonsense comedy like the last Tresette…

Unfortunately I couldn’t fins a review in the net or in one of my books…

Sounds after a mission for Korano! :slight_smile:

I haven’t seen it yet but I cannot believe it’s a Must See! ;D

Off Topic: The austrian Director Franz Antel was a bit of a weird but interesting person. He made mostly Heimatfilms (Homeland Movies), Comedies with Hans Moser( famous austrian Comedian of the 30’s,40’s and 50’s) and early Sex Comedies with very stupid titels. Some of these titels: 00-Sex am Wolfgansee (00-Sex on the Wolfgangsee), Frau Wirtin bläst auch gerne Trompete (Ms. Innkeeper even loves to play the trumpet) … He made about 90 Movies and TV Productions. His best movie he made 1981 : “Der Bockerer” after a fairly good stageplay about a Viennese Butcher during the second world war. He directed his first movie in 1949 and his last in 2003 at an age of 90.

I forgot, you’re an Austrian. Sure you know that stuff.
But I can remember having seen the bockerer as well.

Maybe i’ll buy that Hilton flick when I see it in a shop. Spontaneous buy without much thinking about it or so…

Italian writer Giusti has an entry on this movie

The article is not too long, I’ll translate it asap (I don’t think I have time today, but I promise you’ll have the text by tomorrow night)

By the way, apparently the original Austrian title was: Der Kleine Schwarze mit dem Roten Hut, which is very nice.

That’s the name of the German DVD as well.

Funny, Giusti lists another title for Germany:

Johnny Ghitarra, vier Engel mit Pistolen (Johnny Guitar, four angels with pistols)

note: in the Italian version Hilton was called ‘Johnny Guitar’, he only became Trinity in the American release.
If he was called Johnny Guitarra in the German language version, then who is Der Kleine Schwarze mit dem Roten Hut?

Rinaldo Talamonti?

BTW there is also another German title:

Zwei tolle Hechte - Wir sind die Größten (two stunners - we are the greatests)

I have this one with German dub. Awful nonsense slapstick that has none of style or budget of Hilton’s better spaghetti comedies. I can’t remember any details, just that I hated every fucking second of this film. One of the worst. 0/10 (if possbile)

Okay, this is what Giusti writes about the film in the Dizionario dell western all’italiana:

<< A burlesque comedy western, of Austrian-Italian-German origin starring George Hilton. The original story by Michele Massimo Tarantini, a future expert of erotic comedies, is about the inhabitants of a small town who are waiting for a gunslinger who can solve their problems with a gang of misfits who are terrorizing the surroundings. But the man who arrives is not the real gunslinger, but a funny farmer, accompanied by his friends, a perfidious card player and a would-be gunman. They nevertheless get the better of the villains. There are plenty of beautiful women in this one, like Sonia Jeanine and the chechoslovakian Alena Penz. One of the screenwriters, Joshua Sinclar, also contributed to the script of Keoma, and appeared in that movie under the name John Loffredo. Furthermore he would later co-write Just a Gigolo (1978, David Hemmings) with David Bowie. Hilton described the film as “A small venture, we wanted to do a sort of Johnny Guitar with unknown actresses” >>

Note Scherpschutter: Johnny Ghitarre apparently was Hilton’s name in the Italian language version. I haven’t seen the film, but it seems wise to (re)watch Johnny Guitar before writing a review of this film. There also seem to be some similarities to Support you local Gunfighter (1971, Burt kennedy)

Thanks for that info and the effort you put into it Scherp.

Support you local Gunfighter is one of my faves, so should I watch the Hilton or not…?

According to IMDB it’s banned in Finland :smiley:

Maybe the fin-dub was quite obscene?

I like ‘Gunfighter’ too (even a bit more than ‘Support your local sheriff’); the idea of a town waiting for a gunslinger, and a would-be gunslinger arriving, but still taking care of the job, is taken from ‘Gunfighter’. But if this film is worth a look? I don’t know, the idea is good (and it wasn’t a bad idea to imitate Johnny Guitar either), but good ideas alone don’t make a great film. Silver Wolf could well be right when he says that the film is just plain rubbish.
Anybody else seen it?

I’ve never even heard of it… but this discussion has got me curios. Are there any English friendly versions available, subtitled or dubbed?

As far as I know not. I only know the german release as single DVD or together with two other westerns in a so called Western Box all in german Audio. The other two movies in the box are “Return of Shanghai Joe” and “Alleluja & Sartana Are Sons… Sons of God”. ;D It’s funny that this box is named Western Classics! ::slight_smile:

I have an Italian Broadcast version 92 min uncut, VGQ Ws.

I didn’t see the movie, but based on the poster and this pic it remembered me comic figure, El Cabong!

El Cabong … what a wonderful name

I watched italian version. Typical slapstcik comedy which means it’s barely watchable. George Hilton makes it a bit more enjoyable for me as I have always liked him in comedies as well as in serious roles. The most memorable scene in the film is the pre-credit sequence where guy keeps pasting spaghetti western posters to the wall (including Fidani’s Django and Sartana, Return of Hallelujah, Trinity) as Johnny Guitarra smudges them by throwing paint or eggs on them.