Translation help needed (German to English)

(veda) #1

I accidentaly bought “And god said to Cain” DVD which had no english subtitles and no english soundtrack either. I managed to extract the German subtitles into a text file and I was wondering if anyone was interested in translating the subtitles to english. There would be some kind of reward, although i haven’t figured out what that might be. :slight_smile:

Also I don’t want to do anything illegal. If this kind of operation is forbidden by the copyrights, we’ll just have to forget it.

(Sebastian) #2

aren’t there subtitles or english audio tracks somewhere?

(Søren) #3

Well Franco Cleef released an English-dubbed version with the video part very probably stolen from this German release, which has a very fine picture quality by the way. Would perhaps be ‘easier’ to just get a copy of that instead.

But I think veda has left the building some time ago, Sebastian. The post is nearly a year old :slight_smile:

(Sebastian) #4

last active May 5…
i’ll send him an email