Translation help needed (German to English)

I accidentaly bought “And god said to Cain” DVD which had no english subtitles and no english soundtrack either. I managed to extract the German subtitles into a text file and I was wondering if anyone was interested in translating the subtitles to english. There would be some kind of reward, although i haven’t figured out what that might be. :slight_smile:

Also I don’t want to do anything illegal. If this kind of operation is forbidden by the copyrights, we’ll just have to forget it.

aren’t there subtitles or english audio tracks somewhere?

Well Franco Cleef released an English-dubbed version with the video part very probably stolen from this German release, which has a very fine picture quality by the way. Would perhaps be ‘easier’ to just get a copy of that instead.

But I think veda has left the building some time ago, Sebastian. The post is nearly a year old :slight_smile:

last active May 5…
i’ll send him an email