Well found this site with some very good and unwatched trailers:

Other trailers just like Fistful of trailers has a good image and some of them in pretty aspect ratio, unfortunatelly not all are in dvd ???

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i uploaded 4 of these for download already check the pages in the database for these films and there is a download link:
savage gringo
at the end of the rainbow (dead men ride - english!)
thompson 1880
halleluja gang (still call me amen - english)
four pistols for trinity

heres are the links to the Trailers:
at the end of the rainbow (Dead men Ride)

Shoshena (Tequila!)

Hallelujah Gang (They still call me amen)

Savage Gringo (ringo from nebraska)

Thompson 1880

Four Pistols for Trinity

there’s also quite a lot on youtube

I downloaded the one for Four Pistols For Trinity…(it still isn’t actually available on dvd tho is it?)…that trailer is amazing quality compared to the dvd-r i have of the actual film!!! Everything in it is varying shades of orange…bits of the film and dialogue jump…it’s almost impossible to watch. So…if anyone out there has a decent copy… :wink:

Great trailer for Thompson 1880, made me really to want to see the film. Others didn’t convince me that much though it was nice to see naked butt in Four Pistols for Trinity. Hallelujah gang looked awful! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a list of trailers, if some is missing please write a post…

- Fistful of Dollars, A - For a Few Dollars More - Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, The - Big Gundown , The - Death Rides a Horse - Take a Hard Ride - Beyond the Law - Sabata - Return of Sabata - Condor, El - Captain Apache - Barquero - Stranger and the Gunfighter, The - Killer Kid - Western Story - Man of the East - Ace High - Trinity Is Still My Name - Keoma - Mercenary, The - Companeros - Don't Turn the Other Cheek - Stranger in Town, A - Silent Stranger, The - Sonny and Jed - Reason to Live, a Reason To Die, A - Land Raiders - Town Called Hell, A - Those Dirty Dogs - Coffin from Satana , A - Minnesota Clay - Bullet for the General, A - California - Any Gun Can Play - Murieta - One After the Other -Savage guns -Gunfighters of Casa Grande -Bullet and flesh -Gun of Rio Grande -The texan -7 guns for the McGregors -Up the McGregors -Hellbenders -The hills run red -Navajo Joe -Renegade gunfighters -For a few dollars less -The magnificant texan -Duel in the eclipse -The white comanche -A minute to pray a second to die -The devil was an angel -I´ll die for vengence -Payment in blood -God doe not pay on saturday -Once upon a time in the west -Shotgun -100 rifles -Garringo -A name that cried revenge -The specialist -Sledge -The deserter -Fistful of dynamite -Matalo -Brother outlaw -7 devils on horseback -Bad men´s river -Fasthand is still my name -Man called Noon -Insurgent Mexico -Zorro the rebel -A man alone -Ringo, mark of vengence -Rio Hondo (aka White comanche) -Renegade gunfighter -Say your prayers and dig your grave -Rattler Kid -Vamos a matar Sartana -3 gun showdown -The pitless three -In the name of the colt -Shoot gringo shoot -The law of violence -Bury them deep -Gunfight at Dodge City -If you want to live...shoot -Turn I´ll kill you -Matalo -Vengence ranch -Sign of the Coyote -And now make peace with God -Son of Jesse James -Road to Fort Alamo -Dynamite Joe -The shoot -Chapagua´s gold -Tequila Joe -A golden sheriff -Ballad of Django -Taste of vengence

That´s all on dvd folks

the other dvd
shoot previews shoot

wow, thanks