Trailers containing footage not seen in the movie itself

I did notice this on a few occasions: trailers that show scenes not in the movie, or scenes from alternate angles.


-In a Colt’s Shadow (Japanese SPO DVD): 2 alternate scenes from the end duel

-A Coffin for the Sheriff (Japanese SPO DVD): longer intro (showing the wagon ambush)

-Bullet for the General (or was it Run Man Run?): scene where they are led in front of the federale captain and shoot their way out: alternate angles.

It’s not unusual for trailers to have footage different from the final product, but anyway, anybody have some comment or some more examples?

Return of Ringo, there is different footage of where Gemma shoots the men in the shack quite early in the film on the trailer on the spo disc, it’s more graphic.

Not only does it look cut on the film print it is edited differently.

Preparati la bara

Some shots where Terence Hill looks rather maniac while shooting with the MG at the end.

One I remember is Keoma trailer which has different angle from the scene where Nero is riding between the two horses.

The French trailer for ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ is a brilliant one to watch…It has lots of alternate camera angles not used in the film, and contains a few scenes not seen in the finished movie.
Also, the American/British trailer for ‘For a Few Dollars More’, contains quite a few alternate camera angles and one or two scenes not in the finished item. Both trailers are worth checking out

The US trailer for Keoma had Berger jumping from a shot behind him and shooting the gunman behind him.