Trading list!

So here is my list of titles that I have for trade. First is a DVD-R-list of titles that doesn’t have a proper release, that comes from my personal VHS collection or DVD-Rs that I’ve traded myself. There might be some titles that do have a release but not with English audio for example. Feel free to ask for further info. I would prefer to trade these for DVD-Rs aswell, but otherwise something could be worked out

7 Winchester For a Massacre

A Barrel Full of Dollars (English Audio)

A Bullet For Sandoval

A Stranger in Sacramento

Between God Devil and a Winchester

Black Killer

Challenge of the McKennas

Clumsy Hands

Lynching AKA Cry of Death

Death on High Mountain

Death Played the Flute

Death Walks In Laredo

Django Kills Silently

Django Shoots First

Drummer of Vengeance

Dynamite Jim

El Cisco

El Puro

Execution (English Audio)

Fast Hand is Still My Name

Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe

Go With God, Gringo

God Is My Colt

God Made Them… I Kill Them (English Audio)

Gunman of 100 Crosses

Hate is My God

His Colt, Himself, His Revenge

His Name Was Holy Ghost

His Name Was King

I Want Him Dead

If You Wan’t To Live…Shoot!

I’ll Sell My Skin Dearly (English Audio)

In A Colts Shadow

In the Dust of the Sun

John the Bastard

Kill Johnny Ringo

Killer Kid (English audio)

My Horse, My Gun, Your Widow

Pokerface (English)

Pray to God and Dig Your Grave


Red Blood, Yellow Gold

Ride and Kill

Ringo’s Big Night

Sam Wallash (Widescreen)

Sartana Kills Them All

Shango (English Audio)

Shoot Gringo Shoot (English Audio)

Shoot Joe, and Shoot Again


The Big Rip Off

The Deserter

The Killer

The Law of Violence

The Magnificent Texan

The Price of Death (English Audio)

There Bullets For a Long Gun

They Believed He Was a Saint

They Came to Kill Sartana

This Man Cannot Die

Three Silver Dollars

Turn… I Kill You!

Twilight Avengers

Vengeance is Mine (English Audio)

Wanted Johnny Texas

I also have THE DIRTY OUTLAWS and PISTOLEROS Wild East DVDs for trade, that I preferably trade for other Wild East titles (Gentlemen Killer, Clint Nevada’s Loner, Payment in Blood/Red Blood Yellow Gold, Boot Hill, Johnny Yuma/Between God Devil, Don’t Turn the Other Cheek, Kill or Be Killed)

Hi there,

Are any of the titles Italian audio friendly? I usually don’t do DVD-r’s, but I might make an exception.

Sorry no, all English

That’s OK, thanks for the quick reply.

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