Top Lists and Favorites project

My goals:

  • to tie all our lists and favorites together for better navigation and accessability (a navigation bar!)
  • to make these lists nicer formatted and less cluttered (move some stuff into the respective talk pages, clean the pages up)
  • to draw a line between what should be the SWDB’s fixed official top 20 list and a list that is community-compiled by voting (what we currently have)


Sounds great!

yeah so basically my suggestion is to agree on an official SWDB Top 20 that doesn’t change, but is based on our current top 20, and then continue our community/voting-based top 20 (which changes sometimes) under the “Community Top 20” label…

So how do we arrive at what is the permanent Top 20, if its to be different from the community voted top 20?

I think we should look at our current top 20 and find some sort of consensus regarding those titles that sometimes move up and down… scherpschuetters list at fistfulofpasta is also worth a consideration… we might have to compromise on something, but it would be great if we had a list of just 20 titles that we agree are the best, and are roughly in some order… and then we move the whole thing to the community top 20 and proceed with the voting and adjusting as usual

I guess the key question here for me is are we looking at compiling a list of ‘the best’ or the most representational for a new fan. Scherp’s list operates well for the latter. But ‘the best’ is always going to be subjective and the current format works on popularity which, over the number of voters taking part, seems to provide a reasonable level of consensus.

To be honest the only titles likely to change on our current top 20 are the bottom 2 which may swap places occasionally. All the others have a sufficient cushion to maintain their place. So, in the end we will probably just wind up with two almost identical lists. We are also setting ourselves up as ‘definitive judges’ as to what are ‘the best’. Not sure I’m comfortable with that. Much prefer the way we currently have it whereby the top 20 is more democratic and we still get a chance to champion good films which are overlooked by way of the Alternative top 20 and Staff Favourites.

Just my tuppence worth.

well one idea was also to de-clutter that page, lose everything below the first 20, remove the points and all that. however, sometimes movies do shift up and down…
what are the main differences between scherp’s and ours? i’d very much like to have some sort of fixed, official list, and whatever we do in a community-sort-of fashion can remain, but be called that. the lists might be mostly identical, but with the one we grant ourselves the freedom of fiddling with it

Maybe we could totally change the name of the list, and thereby change the concept and free it of the “Top” association… the member’s top 20 can stay as is, and this could be something along the lines of “Required Viewing” or a “Starting Place” for new viewers

Or even, “Most Noteworthy” … Maybe noteworthy isn’t the right word, but something designating the fact that these particular titles have received the most attention, regardless of individual opinions

essential top 20 vs community top 20 not obvious enough… hm… what about “The Essential Viewing list” :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s the advantage of an “official” list?

well the prime advantage would be the aspect of the list being fixed, another that we could unclutter it as soon as we don’t have to explain why movie X is on position Z anymore (the points system), etc…
but it’s a suggestion…

As far as decluttering, could always just have a link to an explanation of how the top 20 is compiled, so people can click the link to see an explanation

I think I’m absolutely with Phil on this idea. I’m not very comfortable with having something “official”.

And I don’t know whatelse could be a better starting point for SW viewing than our current Top 20 list.

I think that even moving the explanation of the process to the bottom of the page would work to de-clutter

what about the points, and the follow ups?

The points show the differences and the relations between the films, and are the simple effect of the voting. Why skip them?

I wouldn’t name all the 160 films like we sometimes did, but imo 50 (even if it is called a top 20) is just perfect.

Still I don’t understand why you want to change it?

okay i see the point.

i’m doing an improved version of the top 20 list on a copy of the page, and i’ll show what i’ve come up with, taking most points into consideration what’s been said and i’ll post it here and wait for comments (and i’ve scratched the “official” option in my head already)

only did the first two titles, but u get the idea:

what do you think?

That’s pretty slick Sebastian

why thank you :smiley: