Top 10 favorite SW Sidekicks

I don’t know if this has been done before but:

  1. Silvanito - Jose Calvo - Fistful of Dollars
  2. Carrincha - Pedro Sanchez - Sabata
  3. George - Woody Strode- Keoma
  4. The Preacher - Marco Guglielmi - The Stranger Returns
  5. Pon Pon - Franco Pesce - Light the Fuse Sartana is Coming
  6. Buddy Ben - Frank Wolff - Sartana the Gravedigger
  7. Morning Glory - Manuel Muniz - Return of Ringo
  8. Vendedor - Jose Calvo - Stranger in Paso Bravo
  9. Bull - Walter Barnes - Moment to Kill
  10. 2 Strike Snake - Geoffrey Lewis - Silver Saddle

Oh wow, what a thread. I pesonally don’t like sidekicks generally, because in ma opinio sidekicks always have a comic side: the hero does something and the sidekick comments on it. That’s not my cup of tea, sorry, that’s not my glass of whisky.
A classical sidekick is someone like Barrica or Whisky. I don’t like characters like this in my SWs.
Sidekicks that are tolerable, are characters, who don’t play such a big role, or don’t occupy a big space in the movie, like the old man in Arriva Sartana. That’s OK for me. Like the No1 on your list - Silvanito.
Maybe this would be my No1 siedekick as well, since he’s not funny.
So, to make a list of my own, I have ti look for those un-funny sidekicks…

Yes I agree I usually don’t like sidekicks either, they can get annoying, especially number 6 on my list, with all due respect to Frank Wolff. Sometimes they can really add something to the movie though, as in the case of my number 1.


Leo Anchoriz in Bullet for Sandoval. For some reason, I really like Anchoriz.
George Hilton in Massacre Time. Hilton is one of my favorite Spaghetti actors.
Jose Calvo in Fort Yuma Gold.
Peter Martell in Forgotten Pistolero
Lionel Stander in Beyond the Law
Mario Adorf in A Sky Full of Stars for a Roof
OOOHHH OOHH Mario Brega in No Room to Die

Tuco? Poor Eli!

The ones that stand out for me are

Duke (William Berger) in They Call Him Cemetery
Mangosta (Eduardo Fajardo) in Arriva Sabata
Lucas (Enrico Maria Salerno) in Train for Durango
Harry (Mario Adorf) in And for a Roof a Sky Full of Stars
Bull (Walter Barnes) in Moment to Kill
2 Strike Snake (Geoffrey Lewis) in Silver Saddle
Lucy (Miou Miou) in Genius 2 Parters and a Dupe
Getz (Dan Duryea) in The Hills Run Red
Nathaniel Cassidy (Donal O’Brien) in Run Man Run
Silvanito (Jose Calvo) Fistful of Dollars

Bull (Walter Barnes) in Moment to Kill
Duke (William Berger) in They Call Him Cemetery
Silvanito (Jose Calvo) Fistful of Dollars
George Hilton in Massacre Time

are nice examples !

[quote=“Bluntwolf, post:7, topic:1488”]George Hilton in Massacre Time

are nice examples ![/quote]

Not nice, but a GREAT example! That’s a side kick I can live with.

A sidekick who’s shooting is actually superior to the main protagonist!

Is he really superior? I usually thought they were equal and Hilton just kills more early on. You know, its hard to judge in thesefilms because hey are all amazing shooters.

I’ll have to check the superiority of Hilton. Shobary counts two bodies more for Hilton…