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Hi, everyone.

I am in the early stages of organising a Film Festival for my university (Queensland University of Technology) and an affiliated high school (Queensland Academy of Creative Industries), with the general theme being to bridge the gap between high school and uni students. A teacher at QACI and I have considered getting film industry pros to give TEDx-esque lectures during the event to inspire students. Since he helped revive the 3D format and was forced to make most of his films on a shoestring, I was considering trying to get in contact with Tony Anthony to see if he’d be interested. Does anyone know how I can get in contact with him, if that is possible?


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You know I’ve been tossing around the idea of interviewing Tony for awhile, just give him free reign and let him talk about his whole life. He doesn’t have any social media accounts though, and I’ve heard he values his privacy very much. I’ve also heard he rarely gives interviews at all.

However you could try talking to Ronnie Schneider at his site

Hopefully you can get this to work, I’d really like to see what Tony has to say, and what he could offer as he’s had some substantial experience in the field.

The thing is though, how on earth are you going to get him to Austrailia?

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That’s a good point - I’m not sure at this stage. However, QUT has allowed plenty of people who live ourside Australia to give talks in our day-to-day lectures to offer advice.

Tony is actually one of several people Melanie (a teacher from QACI) and I are hoping to at least discuss the Festival with, including Alister Grierson (the director of the 3D movie Sanctum, which made me consider trying to contact Tony) and Cartia Mallan (a vlogger and QACI alumni).

Well hopefully Ronnie could help you out there. He’s the closest connection I know of to Tony. Maybe Sebastian or somebody that’s been here longer could also help.

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I’m tempted to buy the Get Mean blu-ray just so I can finally see an interview with the guy.

It’s a pretty good interview, and he has some really interesting stories of what went on during filming, especially about Luigi Vanzi. You should pick it up.

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I must admit, that I’d love to meet Tony Anthony…the ‘Stranger’ and ‘Blindman’ characters are among the best in ‘Spaghetti Western’ folk-lore.

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I imagine the stories he has while working in Italy must be pretty entertaining.

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