Tombstone (George Pan Cosmatos, 1993)

I saw this the other night for the first time and was thoroughly impressed.

Kurt Russell was excellent as Wyatt Earp and has played him like no other (Putting a gun in an unarmed man’s mouth and pulling the trigger…GREAT!) and Val Kilmer whom i normally find as a run of the mill actor was superb as “Doc” Holliday.

Well worth a watch

“I’m your Huckleberry” :wink:

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Only part I remember is when Val Kilmer is drunk and says,“I’ll shoot the two of you.” Very good film with a all star cast.

haha yeah that was awesome.
I’ll try to got to Tombstone before christmas. I’ll post pictures

One of my favorites

My only complaint was their hats looked a little too right out of the hat box no creases in the crowns made the Earps look like preachers, lol. Anybody who wears a wide brim hat or cowboy hat knows you take them off by the crown, so as not to muss your hair, which usually puts some type of crease in them. 8)

I cleaned the cobwebs off of this post and brought it way up from the past because I just watched something I thought was kind of interesting that I thought a few others may enjoy…or maybe not. On YouTube, from time to time, I watch episodes of “A Word on Westerns”. Some of you may be familiar with this series but, for those that aren’t, it is an interview show done with actors where they discuss their memories of the Westerns they were involved in.

The one I just watched was from February and it is with Peter Sherayko who has made a career of appearing in, making, and advising on Westerns. He has been involved in some absolute duds made on a shoe string budget but, in his defense, he was also an executive producer of Bone Tomahawk which I thoroughly enjoyed.

In Tombstone he was in charge of designing the weaponry but, just as importantly, he also portrayed Wyatt’s ally Texas Jack Vermillion. He has some interesting things to say about the making of the film and about the extent Kevin Costner went to in trying to insure that the movie was never made. I thought some people might find it interesting.


I will check this out, thanks … nearly 30 years later I’m still pissed off that I went to see the wrong ‘Wyatt Earp’ movie ! Costner’s effort was a big bore and ‘Tombstone’, later watched on VHS, was fantastic …

Empire magazine published a damning review and actually gave it only 1 star out of a possible 5 (They never gave scores this low, even for the most mundane action flick or weak comedy) so, naturally I assumed it would be a real turkey … but perhaps Warner Bros’ and Costner were muddying the waters and bribing some unscrupulous journos - seems like it to me

‘Assholesssssssssssssssssssssssss!’ :wink:

PS: Just looked at ‘Empire Online’ … the film is now given 2 stars with a regurgitated write up from 1994, but purporting to be from the early 2000s.

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As far as I remember wyatt Earp and tombstone came out around the same time and tombstone is much better.
Didn’t Kevin Costner also star in a Robin Hood movie around the same time as another robin hood version? Morgen Freeman did help this version with Costner.


My friends and I actually saw the good one first because we were fans of so many of the movies Kurt Russell had done over the decade or so prior to Tombstone. My nephew was in high school at the time and fancied himself a bit of a movie snob. He kept telling me that Wyatt Earp was a far superior movie so my friends and I went to the theater to see it and unanimously agreed that my nephew was a complete and total fucking idiot. Afterward, I found out that he hadn’t even seen Tombstone so I relayed to him the decision my friends and I had reached regarding his intelligence and told him to never give me movie advice again. That right had been revoked! :laughing:

Tombstone came out Christmas day of 1993 here in the U.S. while Wyatt Earp came out the following summer. I don’t remember another Robin Hood movie but in no way does that mean there wasn’t one. I remember my jaw dropping open when a certain actor showed up at the end of Costner’s Robin Hood.

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There was another Robin Hood with Patrick Bergin and Edward Fox in 1991 … but I think it flopped … never seen it, but I wasn’t a big fan of the KC version :wink:


Yes, I was thinking about the Patrick Bergin version.

But, Alan Rickman was good in the Costner version!

I like Giuliano Gemma’s portrayal of Robin Hood. That kind of playfulness draws my attention. I don’t really understand Tombstone. I guess there is a language barrier or something.