Today It's Me, Tomorrow You - Dutch Film Works

Has anybody got the DFW release of Today It’s Me? Any comments on picture/sound quality, uncut status?

Thanks amigos.

Same quality as the Studio S release. A bit grainy and of lesser quality than the one shown on German tv, scherpschutter can comment better on that as I have not seen this version.
Probably as good as it gets for this film when it comes to dvd.

Got a spare one if you’re interested.

You and your spares! (Just seen your reply in the God Forgives… thread).

There are a few cheap copies of DFW’s Today it’s Me… on Amazon UK at the moment, which is why I asked.

As long as the quality is better than the disappointing R1 release.

Not familiar with the R1 release, so I can’t comment on that. I got the Studio S version hoping it’d be better than the DFW, but it’s exactly the same.

There will be a new German release this year, but I don’t know if it will have English audio.

I have the Studio S version, a little grainy quality but it doesn’t bother me as these films are so hard to find anyway.

Do not make much of the region 1 disc. Print is a little dark and not as sharp as the Japanese disc.

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Three screenshots from the DFW disc

It’s not a bad disc per se, but the image is quite grainy (some scenes are more grainier than others) and colours aren’t always the way they should be: occasionally the image is a bit pale, occasionally flesh colours are, quite on the contrary, too red.

Looks exactly like th one I got.

Looks much nicer than the R1 VCI.

Thanks for those screen shots, Scherp.

Looks well worth a punt for £5.