To The Hilt: Story from the Wild East (Macedonia, 2014)

Hi folks,

I was wondering whether someone around here happened to have a little information about this particular movie here:

Since the film is brand new (it premiered in October 2014) there’s probably not much to know about it at this stage, but I’m curious nevertheless. Wikipedia describes it as a “Macedonian action-adventure western style” type of movie set in Ottoman occupied Macedonia at the turn of the 19th century (specifically in 1903). So I suppose it’s a “Western” in as much the greek movies like Αγάπη και Αίμα/Love and Blood or the hungarian Talpuk alatt fütyül a szél can be considered Westerns, in that it takes a lot of the western-specific tropes and plots and transplant it into the history and peculiarites of its own country. Still, I like the aforementioned films, so I’d be rather interested in this one as well.

So, does anyone happen to know a bit more?