To buy or not to buy?

I think it would be helpful to have a shopping watchdog page set up where everyone can share their purchase experiences. Discussing the quality of dvds and blu rays is helpful to everyone and ensures we spend our money well. :cowboy_hat_face:


Not quite sure what you have in mind. The forum has a home video corner so for each release you can theoretically find info or start a new discussion or ask before you buy. And into the SWDb proper, we can include quality info for each release, it’s just that noone has done it yet, but we could, like add a community quality thumbs up or down rating…

I was thinking that the discussion on the quality of releases on the DVD SHOPPING DIARY needed it’s own place. My thinking was something separate to the shopping diary, more focused on the manufacturers.

There’s a thread called Which One To Buy

It must be old, I have never seen it. I’m just waiting now. Not sure if this new thread is needed then. I do think the quality info Sebastian spoke about is needed on the video reviews.
Just see what happens. :+1: