TITANUS Wild West DVD catalog

I have made a TITANUS Wild West DVD catalog (with run-time informations, Stanton :wink: )
Release date for all DVD’s is August 27, 2010.

Thanks for the news, djvaso. :wink:


Cool thanks Stranger! Too bad no english on these.

Great work, Stranger

Hope the runtimes are mostly wrong as they are mostly different from the versions which are supposed to be uncut. Runtime chaos that is …

And most of the covers are real beauties.

Looks good. Where to get them?

Nice work!

Pistoleros with Italian audio is something for me
It’s one of my favorite ‘smaller SWs’ and the English audio on the Wild East disc doesn’t cover all the dialogue
One of those films I absolutely want to watch in Italian

For example here: :wink:


[quote=“The Stranger, post:7, topic:2413”]For example here: :wink:


Thanks. I’m interested in some of those.

For some reason Thompson 1880 seems to have been canceled for good as DVD.it removed it from my order yesterday (now if they would just ship the damn order…). Not that it matters much since there is already the Koch Media disc.

Would be nice if you could give us feedback about the quality (if you get the other discs). :wink:

I will. As I mentioned elsewhere, I ordered them all, just have been waiting for them to be shipped. Which finally happened today so I’ll have them Friday if lucky, but might take until Monday.

Oh… god… why did I have to order them all…


EDIT: Here is some info about them…

Oh dear.
Can’t even use the excuse that these are cheap releases either. That is just plain poor.

I was thinking about ordering a few, mainly for the Italian audio (never seen Ballata per un pistolero or Minnesota Clay in Italian), but now I might reconsider.

[quote=“Phil H, post:13, topic:2413”]Oh dear.
Can’t even use the excuse that these are cheap releases either. That is just plain poor.[/quote]

Not so cheap for 13,90 EUR, at least for me.
When they don’t respect Argento’s works, what one can expect for less known titles.

scherpschutter, since Minnesota Clay is only 1.85:1 anyways, the disc might be ok. Unless they cropped it to 4:3. :smiley: I’ll check it at some point but right now I’m beginning to be too disappointed and angry to check any more of these. Holy Ghost was also cropped to 1.85:1 (answered to the comment as well dicfish, but the length is 1:30:04).

Thanks for checking…is the picture quality watchable?

Yeah, it is quite ok. I’m trying to upload a picture but my site seems to have some speed problems. Can’t even access FTP.

Well thanks for posting the information re these ones. Can understand you being angry re this though.

I was expecting to hear great things about these releases, thanks for posting the info Sundance, even though it’s hugely disappointing. On a more positive note there are some pretty rare films in that collection, that have never had an official release before.