Tips on Collecting Spaghetti Western DVD's

Tips on Collecting Spaghetti Western DVD’s

I thought it might be useful to pass on information on building up a collection of Spaghetti Western DVD’s (or Blu-ray).
About 3 years ago I discovered ‘The Spaghetti Western Database’ (SWDB) online site and started to build up my DVD collection, which consisted of about 12 DVD’s at the time.
The starting point was the Top 20 DVD’s link on the SWDB main page, which has a ‘The complete list’ link at the bottom of the page.
Over the next 2 years I managed to collect all DVD’s on an original list of 141 movies.

SWDB info.
The SWDB is always the first port of call for DVD information. The database pages for each movie show the ‘Available DVD’s’ links to the online sites that sell the DVD, mainly Amazon.

DVD Box Sets
If you are building up your DVD collection then the SWDB page for Box Sets is a good starting point:
Recommendations: ‘Spaghetti Western - 44 Movie Collection’, ‘The Best of Spaghetti Westerns - In the Tradition of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly’, ‘The Django Collection Volume 1 & 2’, ‘The Sartana Saga’ etc.
The ‘Westerns Unchained Blu-Ray Collection’ is a set of 25 movies in one Blu-ray disc.
These box sets offer great value per DVD.

DVD Prices
In general, the price of individual DVD’s can vary a lot online with even amazon offers looking for several hundred dollars for some movies. There is no need to pay more than about €20.00 for an individual DVD if you hunt around and wait for the right price.

Sub-Title DVD’s
As an English speaker, my preference is to find English audio DVD’s but go with English sub-titled DVD’s if needed.

DVD Quality
A lot of DVD reviews mention picture quality as this can vary a lot with movies from the 60’s and poor transfers from VHS tape. I took the view that it was better to get hold of a copy of a DVD and if the quality is poor, then look for a better copy later.

DVD Retail Stores
Living in Dublin in a country that has no Spaghetti Western history as in Italy/Spain/Germany/USA etc. can mean that there are very few Spaghetti Western DVD’s available in retail stores. The best that I have found is Tower Records in Dublin which has a small number of DVD’s.

Amazon is probably the first online source to check for DVD’s. I have used, and I have used several times (using language translate tools).

If you are ordering from, remember that as well as the minimum purchase for free shipping, there may be customs and tax charges.
In Ireland, there is 23% tax on items from outside the EU that are valued at more than €22.00. There is also import duty (0-17%) for items from outside the EU that are valued at more than €150.00.

Ebay (.com,, .de)
Ebay is useful for new and second-hand DVD’s.
Read the DVD details carefully to ensure that the audio is in english, if that is what you are looking for. The information is sometimes incorrect and I have returned several DVD’s for a refund when the DVD’s where not in english as stated.

As you build up your DVD collection you will find it harder to find the more obscure titles. The following sites may be useful to complete your collection but the quality can be variable.

Cine City (
I like this site as they tell you honestly about the quality of the DVD and they have a good range.

I ordered several times from this site to build up my collection.
I ordered several times from this site to build up my collection.
I used this site several times to get very cheap DVD’s in sleeves by looking for the advert: ‘SPAGHETTI WESTERN MOVIES ANY 5 FOR $15’
When I had 2 DVD’s left on my list to find, I found one of them ‘Viva Cangaceiro’ (sub-titled in english) on this site.

The final DVD on my wish list was ‘Le Gout de la Violence’ (The Taste of Violence) which per the SWDB is only available from in french audio and french sub-title.
I decided to purchase the DVD anyway as it was the last in my list. Then I found an English sub-title file (.srt file) on the internet (https:/ for this movie (check that the sub-title file is the same length as the movie and use the same name for the sub-title file as the name of the movie).
Next, play the movie on a PC using a media player package such as VLC and add the subtitle file to the movie being played. The audio and video should sync up.

Hope this is helpful!


All information is always welcome… Good luck