Tips for a visit to Denmark

My wife and I are planning a trip to Denmark in June so wondered if any of our Denmark based brothers and sisters might have some tips on things not to be missed in their beautiful land.

We will be flying into Aalborg and out of Copenhagen with a couple of days nailed on for a visit to Skagen in between and we will be travelling by train while there. We’re thinking of probably stopping in Aarhus but apart from that we’re open to suggestion.

Any tips welcome. Of course any insider info on where I might pick up any spaghetti memorabilia (Danish posters and the like while there would be doubly welcome)

I recommend the Rio Bravo steak house restaurant in Copenhagen.

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There may be a poster shop or two in central Aarhus where you can get some vintage Danish spaghetti posters, if that’s what you’re after, but I don’t how cheap they are. Will try and dig up a couple of adresses/links. It’s been a while since I bought something new for the collection and it has always been from online auctions or private deals.

If you are going to Skagen we will be practically neighbours for a while. I live in Frederikshavn some 40 km south of Skagen. You will probably pass through ‘my’ city on the way there :slight_smile:

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Thanks both.
Will definitely be passing through Frederikshavn as I believe we will be changing trains there on the way to and from Skagen. Would you recommend stopping for a visit there Soren?

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Ah very interesting.
I was in Frederikshavn on holdiday back in 1989 or 1990. Also visited Skagen then. Really, really nice and good old childhood memories. :slight_smile:

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Don’t know if there is anything there that you mustn’t miss apart from probably the largest spaghetti western collection north of Aalborg :slight_smile:

It’s a nice enough town with some nice places to eat and you can do some light shopping but as I said probably not something you can be without. Less crowdt than Skagen at that time of year though :slight_smile:

Nice :slight_smile: I actually spent nearly every summer holiday when I was kid either camping in Germany or very near the border with frequent excursions into Germany buying cheap chocolate :slight_smile: Those were the days.

Well 3 days in Skagen have been really nice and not too crowded at all. Quite the reverse. The weather has been fabulous and we have enjoyed walks on the beach and in the dunes as well as a midsummer bonfire night. On the train to Arhus tomorrow. Will think of you as we pass briefly through Fredrikshavn Soren.

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Thanks :slight_smile: Will send you a kind thought tomorrow also. We celebrate midsummer every year on the 23th so we were at another bonfire in a nearby forest.

You have been very lucky with the Danish weather. The 23th in particular has been plagued with terrible weather through the years. Many bonfires have gone up in water.

Happy trip to Århus.

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Aalborg and Taffel Akvavit…

The Husets Biograaf is kind of like the danish version of the new beverly theater, so u gotta visit that :slight_smile: