Tiger from River Kwai / La tigre venuta dal fiume Kwai (Franco Lattanzi, 1975)

Yes, my curiosity is definitely piqued.

Very bad film technically, but not so bad in the fun department. Of course these two things have something to do with one and another in this case.

A quite surreal experience really, from the strange music and the lame acting to the horrible action, ridiculous looking Eastman and horrible English dub.

Worth a watch. Some laughs guaranteed.


I know not the movie. But what kind of a stupid title. Sounds more like a Vietnam war movie.
Has the title any sense?

I have finally seen this one and naturally I thought it was quite enjoyable. Yes, it’s very bad and plays much like a bunch of people with nothing to do who decided to shoot a western in their backyard. If you’re looking for a serious western such as TGTBTU, this is not for you. If you enjoy trash, than see it! The music is totally not fitting, but I still like it. I couldn’t believe my ears when the music started! My one serious gripe is the light-hearted comic relief that came along with the guy with the mule.

[quote=“Bluntwolf, post:5, topic:389”]That movie will probably never come out on DVD ! One of the worst, if not THE worst SW !!![/quote]If some of the Fidani’s have come out anything is possible ;D

It was planned to come out on UK dvd years ago on the C’est la Vie label.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:26, topic:389”]It was planned to come out on UK dvd years ago on the C’est la Vie label.[/quote]They were going to release the Fernando Di Leo crime films too!

Hope they don’t consider Fidani to be in the same league with DiLeo too…

Did not know that.

[quote=“ENNIOO, post:29, topic:389”]Did not know that.[/quote]The owner of the company is/was a friend of my mate Paul (Phil H has met him) and I went for dinner with them one day and he shwed us some of the things he was going to get the rights for.

He gave me a Minerva pamphlet about them, I’ve still got it somewhere, If I ever come across it I’ll do a scan.

The other films were arty looking ones and I avoided things like that back then (and still do to some extent)

Ah I see.

Remember being pretty pleased about all the future westerns they were going to release.

[quote=“Bad Lieutenant, post:19, topic:389”]Thailander is wrong, but China man is right?

Oh, yeah: Fuck you too ;)[/quote]

That’s what the Chinese say themselves, at least in Mandarin: Zhong Guo Ren

Zhong guo = China
Ren = man, human being

Zhong literally means ‘middle’, guo is ‘country’. So in Chinese, China is called ‘Middle Country’. Like most people the Chinese located their country in the middle of the world.

I don’t think that’s where the Americans got the idea from though.

Not very likely, no. But you never know, Europeans were in the Far East for quite some time, and they might have picked up the words Zhong Guo (China) and Ren (man), they’re about the first words you learn, along with Ni hao (hello, litterally ‘you good’)

Communication often starts with very easy, even clumsy sentences:

You China man, me English man, etc.

Dutchman is in Chinese He lan ren, Hol land man, words and even names are inevitably given a Chinese form: Ma deng ga = Madonna, etc.

Voilà, here they are, Thai(landers), China men and a few tigers without claws:



“We are stardust.
We are golden.
And we’ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

UAU what can I say, a Thai doing the Carradine in a Spag. To be honest, I couldn’t find the words to express myself about this one, but then I read BL review on the matter, and his words are mine.
I just didn’t find the all thing funny, when you have a movie where Gordon Mitchell looks a De Niro in his better days, it says all about the rest, even Eastman who surely, must have been told this was an erotic movie to be in it, looks … like the rest.
So what’s my excuse, I have it I have to watch it, but I was doing another thing at the same time (assembling a bloody doll house).
This one is bad real bad and not funny I’m afraid. Now I have to check the rest of the work from this director, just to be sure that I could have made it as an actor.

Came Back Fidani you are forgiven

Just viewed this one again via my U.K pre cert tape. Yes its not the best western out there, but I had a laugh with it, mainly due to the horrible english dub :smiley: .

An ultra cheap looking affair with little inspiration. One character who showed some promise to be fun was the girl (her dubbing and dialogue even sounded real) whose means to nurse the Tiger back to health involved sexual activities. Sadly she disappeared quickly :disappointed:

I really didn’t mind this one too much as it was fairly coherent. A step above Crea :slight_smile: