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Okay there was some controversy but the topics about Eurowesterns that are only very slightly Italian, or not at all, is growing, so I thought to give these films more time in the spotlight, they deserver their own section.

This section is for:

  • non-Italian Eurowesterns (UK, Greece, Turkey, Germany)
  • GDR Westerns (from the former east Germany)
  • all the Winnetou / Karl May films
  • etc…

if in doubt, post here, and we discuss what to do with a certain film

I have a question about a film titled the proud and the damned. It was made by the US but was filmed in Spain. I Don’t think it was a USA/Spain co-production. Does this constitute a “Euro” Western? I figured it would be better if I asked you before I started a post about it. Also, I don’t think it is in the database.

Chato’s Land(UK/Spain) should be included here IMO.

It is. Rigth below this one. :smiley:


I renamed it to “Eurowestern & Hybrids”, it can also include co-productions where we are not sure, and other films where the definition would be a matter of argument