This Man Can’t Die / I lunghi giorni dell’odio (Gianfranco Baldanello, 1968)

I just watched it as a part of the spagvemberfest and only good thing I can say about it is the nice theme music. 2/10

Enjoyed it the first time I watched it. Couldn’t finish it the second time round as I found it incredibly boring. I agree that it has an excellent them though. I will have to watch it again just to be sure how I feel about it. A widescreen transfer might improve the film a bit.

Wow, I give this one a solid 8 out of 10. Such a fun movie!

It was ok, watchable. Entertainment without any enthusiasm. 4/10

The best thing about this film is the opening ‘theme’…from memory, the theme doesn’t go on long enough…just as you start to hum the darn thing, it fades out…

The theme song gave me hope all those years ago, but alas a standard affair.

Vivid presentation on wide-screen, but still has the feel of television-show instead of a movie. -Unless it’s a scene with Rik Battaglia, who looks strikingly similar to Mads Mikkelson.

But it’s a Guy Madison vehicle from start-to-finish, on the trail of gun-smugglers as a Government-op… not realizing that part of the gang were already on the trail of his family.

Standard action, believable situations… even the amazing scene with whores beating-up the 3 gunfighters searching for Madison. -Just ended with a simple fadeout. Overall… 6-out-of-10.

Where did you see this in widescreen?

On YouTube TV.

Ah okay, thanks!

Can you post a link to the widescreen version?

hope it transfers over

Widescreen? :wink:

That link is to a crappy 360p version.

Okay. I’d said: " vivid presentation on wide-screen "… Not widescreen.

I’d watched it on my 50-inch screen, which my TV formatted from the internet-link… with minimal black-bordering. I should’ve said: " A vivid presentation of the film-print still exists. "

Okay revenge flick with decent music.
I watched this via the Diamond Entertainment box set. It includes a couple others I haven’t seen (Shanghai Joe & White Apache).

Hoping this is one of the titles included in the upcoming Arrow Box. Never even got a good DVD and it’s a decent film.

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Yes! Can we get one please? Looking at you Explosive Media :wink:

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Open matte makes the noose scene towards the end worse, a detail of no small importance. Consequently it should be absolutely avoided.

The title was redone with still image for the censored Italian TV version (original on the left)

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