They Call Me Trinity/Trinity is Still my Name by Henstooth Video


Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but the 2-pak of THEY CALL ME TRINITY/TRINITY IS STILL MY NAME put out by HENSTOOTH VIDEO a couple years ago, are they the official theatrical releases. People over at amazon claim they r edited versions. Someone please clarify. Thanx.


Hi Blonde, I know everybody has been making a big deal about Trinity is still my name being cut, but as far as I can tell there is only one small scene missing from the other available european releases. The scene where their father and mother are talking about how they met. 45 second sequence I believe. I think they took that out because it contradicts the continuity of the first film. In the first film they are only half brothers, but in the second film they share common parents. The running time other from that is shorter because of the faster playing rate.

yep, as far as I remember its only the scene where the family is having dinner that is cut, nothing essential

but still… wtf? If you didn’t make the film, you shouldn’t be makin cuts… especially when you’re releasing a “restored” version

So let me get this straight:

The Henstooth THEY CALL ME TRINITY is uncut, but TRINITY IS STILL MY NAME has only one scene missing?

This set by Henstooth runs 214 mins between the 2 films. The European 2-Pak is 250 mins. Isn’t that a big difference? Sounds like more scenes r missing to me.

I don’t understand this faster playing rate stuff between PAL and NTSC. Can someone please clarify.

I really want to watch these 2 films, but not if they r heavily edited.


[quote=“blonde66, post:4, topic:1576”]So let me get this straight:

The Henstooth THEY CALL ME TRINITY is uncut, but TRINITY IS STILL MY NAME has only one scene missing?


Pretty much. Don’t pay too much attention to the runtimes they aren’t always accurate. Here is a more detailed lowdown.

Pros: Superior picture and sound quality, NTSC region 1, Good price
Cons: The already mentioned cut

Neuveaux (I can never spell that right)
Pros: totally uncut, includes interviews with Hill and Spencer (which can be found on youtube anyway), good price
Cons: Pal region 2, Not as available to the US, Good picture quality but not as good as Henstooth.

Its your choice amigo, hope this helps.

I would probably choose the henstooth just for conveniance sake.

I think the Henstooth releases are missing around 5 minutes or so compared to the old crappy 4:3 discs.

The Nouveaux versions for both films are also cut by around 5 minutes or so.

As far as I know the only complete English language versions in 2.35:1 widescreen are the scandinavian discs.

Then there is a much longer German language only version of the sequel available on an old bonus disc from e-m-s. Not sure if you had to buy some certain Hill&Spencer sets before being able to request that bonus disc, or if it was included in some set.


Trinity is still my name:

e-m-s Germany (German only): 1:52:48 PAL
Nouveaux UK: 1:47:15 PAL
Future Film Finland: 1:54:4x PAL
e-m-s bonus disc (German only): 2:01:26 PAL?

When I can and if I remember, I’ll check how the credits start end whatever…

Yes, the EMS is in Pal, which means a runtime of actually nearly 127 min. That’s the theatrical release version with the old dub, but the bonus DVD is only a transfer of an old 16 mmm copy.

There will be a high quality remastered Special Edition released within the next months.

Someone at amazon said that TRINITY IS STILL MY NAME is missing a couple of other scenes: The family prayer scene and Bambino’s confession at the monestary. Is this true for those who own this set? Why would Henstooth cut scenes from the sequel and not the original. Unless THEY CALL ME TRINITY is missing footage as well that we don’t know about. Anyone know the official US running times of these films?


there’ll be new HD-remastered versions of the Trinities in germany, you should wait and see…

Stanton, are you sure the long version of the sequel actually be out sometime this year in Germany? I mean… wasn’t it supposed to be out in 2007 already? And last christmas (2008) it was finally supposed to come out according to Amazon, they even mentioned delivery in a week or two after the date passed, and then it got cancelled again (or maybe it was never supposed to come out) and the release date is now December 31 2009 (I think they use December 31 when they don’t know when it will be out).

My latest information is still spring/summer 2009.

Just FYI, the UK DVD release of the sequel is also missing this line of dialogue.

I’m guessing it must have been removed at the print stage.

The TRINITY DVDs in the US are indeed shorter, but that’s only because HEN’S TOOTH used PAL DigiBetas and didn’t convert them to NTSC properly. They retain the raised pitch, and there’s a lot of ghosting on the DVD. Bad PQ.

I have the DVD set already. Just wondering if it’s worth it to upgrade to the blu-ray set released last year. On a side note, if someone could tell me if upgrading to the blu-ray of My Name is Nobody is worth it, as well, would be appreciated.

I’m pretty sure the Blus are a huge upgrade compared to the US DVDs. Haven’t compared them though… :wink: And the Hen’s Tooth US dvds are cut.


The blu-ray looks…decent. I’m pretty sure it’s uncut. There is a superimposed “They Call Me Trinity copyright 1970” blah blah above the title “lo chiamavano trinita” in the opening credits which looks amateurish and distracting. It’s obviously an Italian print of the film but they didn’t do much to clean it up or anything. They should’ve just left the opening titles alone. I haven’t looked at the second film yet. I am betting Dean’s Spanish copy is much better than this.

I enjoyed the upgrade for “My Name Is Nobody.” It isn’t pristine–but don’t let a speckle-filled beginning distract too much. As the film goes, it has, to my eyes, quite nice depth. And it has a bit more information on screen than the DVD. I’d say it is easily worth it, but I really love this movie!

I also upgraded the Trinity DVDs to blu-ray, and they are clearly better. The old DVDs had a lot of “ghosting” problems in fast-motion scenes. I’d say it is worth it if you really enjoy the films.

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