They Call Me Lucky (Peter Henkel / 1973)

To start with I gotta say this is the best ‘spaghetti’ I’ve seen recently.
Secondly I gotta say it’s the sequel to Three Bullets For a Long Gun which does have its own thread and was viewed as a flawed film, mainly due to it’s blatent rip-offness of spaghetti cliches and characters, and somewhat dubious comedic touches. But it’s a long time since I’ve seen this, and I may not rememeber fully, but if you wanna find out more about this one, here’s the link…,523.0.html
It seems my views are on page 2 and includes the info. that Clint Eastwood was pencilled in for this outing?

They Call MeLucky is a far better film than its predecesor. The same sidekick character, Lucky Gomez, who is a Tuco-esque character in the first, is now the main player, but with added delusions of Sir Fernando.

I’m not, unusually, gonna give too much away in spoilers (as I sometimes do) but just outline the stuff…

There’s a great one-eyed bushy-bearded drunken Reverend* :o laughing at his wanted poster to start us off - who’s gonna be after our Lucky - but he’s not gonna be the only one. In a case of mistaken identity over a silver pistol that Lucky now owns, a hunky hairy-chested Mexican who’s pregnant wife was killed by said gun, is out for him as well.
Lucky falls out with his gang and after a very brutal shootout ends up needing a new version (although he’s still got his half Apache/gringo mate as a second in command). His new muchachos for the gang include a rescued and very attractive white gringo young lady (you gotta get past the fact she finds him attractive) who returns to him in a naive act of defiance against her upbringing - plus the aforementioned preacher, and our lizard-eating avenging peon, and a trio of farmers that provide some genuinely funny comedic relief. But then there’s all that subplotting and misunderstanding that’s bubbling under, and ya just know it’s gonna have to burst out like pus from a boil sooner or later.

Overall, this is a film that harks to the more nihalistic side of spaghetti-ism despite the occasional light-hearted moments. And I reiterate my feelings about my opening line - this was a thoroughly entertaining slice of spaghetti, and much darker than I thought it was gonna be, and therefore, imo, it is thoroughly deserving of the spaghetti greatness I’ve tended to believe it owns. Others have seen it, according to a search I’ve done, but not so many? And views differ to my own?
Anyway - it comes highly recommended by this *drunken Reverend.

Oh shit - I forgot to say… it was made in South Africa, but…

… in everything, bar geography, this is a great spaghetti!
Wouldn’t you agree?

“Vengeance is mine - sayeth the Lord”

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