There Will Be Blood

I saw this movie in theatres and wasn’t sure if I liked it. I have recently come to really love the film as it is a true piece of art. I don’t even know what the plot was but I still liked it.

I will bet many of you hate it but quite possibly some of you love it. There are two kinds of people in the wrold. Those who hate this movie and those who love it. No imbetween

Hmm, I don’t see why there shouldn’t be lots of “in-betweeners” for this film, I know some of them, but none TWBB haters.

I, I love it.

Hey Stanton!
Kinda like your nice Santa Claudia in your profile-pic!

Me too, but it’s only for x-mas

So I’m looking forward to your new year’s Eve :wink:

Santa Claudia, widescreen version, or back to my old avatar

Loved that Movie in Cinema and I love Santa Claudia too. :wink:

I Love Santa Claudia (well, love is one way of putting it)
I did not love There Will Be Blood. But only seen it once. But I was expecting to like it a lot. Piss poor characters, annoying and not wholly believable to me. A big, hollow movie.

You see, I told you guys some would not like it. My dad watched it and didn;t like it and he is veryopinionated about his movies. My mom’s boss also hated it and he is very refined in tastes. It can be hard to follow but I still like it.

We agree on something ;). I love the visuals in this film & it has one of my favorite endings in recent memory. “I’m finished”

So am I!